Sunday, 27 January 2013

Quiet week

Well, other than a lot of snow falling not much has been happening this week.  We have been taking the opportunity to walk around the village, especially as we invested in some snow spikes for our shoes.  The spikes are great, they fix onto the bottom of your boots or shoes and make walking so much safer, they make a bit of a noise when walking around the shops and I certainly would not want them worn around the house, but to use them for what they were designed for is great.

So fresh and clean

The Church is much more impressive than it looks here.
I have been sewing a challenge given by my quilting group, but I can't show you that until they have all been unveiled in March, but I can show you this..

So darn cute

 I fell in love with this design the first time I saw it, and was given the pattern to play with.  It is paper pieced, and as the pieces are so small I can't imagine making it any other way.  I needed to add borders, but what colour would look best...

The blue is actually lilac, but bad photography 
or this 
think this is the way to go
Yes, I decided a bit more brightness would not go amiss.

Got to think now how to quilt it.
 For Christmas I received this beautiful Amaryllis as a bulb, and have had pleasure watching it grow, but my holiday is looming and I am thinking I will miss the full flowering, so I have cut the flower stem and hoping to persuade it to blossom before I leave.  If it performs I will take a photo of the flower heads.

We will be visiting grandchildren while on holiday, so writing this blog may not be at the top of my priorities, but if I do manage to do anything exciting I will get some photos and show you when I can, so until next time.... take care.


  1. Your snow looks delightful - we have copious amounts of snow now ... it DOES NOT look delightful!
    Your quilt block is gorgeous and I like the pink better than the lilac. Paper piecing ... I have a mental block with that and always admire those who can create with it.
    Have a fun visit with the grandchildren.

  2. Thats a great block ,Jo, and the amaryllis will come out , I'm sure. Mine is in full flower. There is another starting to grow so hopefully it will bloom as this one fades

  3. That is an absolutely beautiful piece of patchwork! Love it.

  4. You and your crazy itty bitty pieces! Love it! Can't wait to see how you quilt it...guess that will be after your trip?:)

    We are supposed to get an ice storm tomorrow morning...then a warm up to 16.6C on Wed and then back to .55C for the weekend! Crazy weather!!

  5. Your piece of patchwork is stunning and beatuful. Have a wonderful holiday and take care .

    1. Ellen you are a no reply blogger so I can not write personally, to Thank you for your wishes, but you know I love it when you pop in and leave a comment.

  6. You have too much time on your hands Jo! Those bitty blocks or sooooo tiny! Hope you get the pleasure of your flower before you go away, though I am sure you will see much better ones whilst you are on holiday. I am playing with my "Challange" now. xx

  7. Beautiful and unusual heart design, Jo. I love it, it seams a lot of work.