Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter has arrived.

Yes, winter has finally arrived.  On Monday we had some flurries of snow but I decided it would be fine to go to my patchwork group.... how wrong can you be... after driving out of our village it was like driving into a blizzard, very poor visibility on the highway with lots of spray as the snow wasn't settling.  While at group the snow cleared up so the journey home was relatively clear, but I was now on guard.  Thursday, we woke to the sun shining on the fields and what a picture that was.

Our view from the comfort of our bed

Friday we had more snow and a lot of families seemed to make the most of the school closures.  I need to borrow some children then I could 'borrow' their sledge and play along!

This is the recreation ground 

The group of trees in the middle of the pic. are the trees we look onto from our bed.

Love the look of the 'Old Vicarage'

Not much sewing going on this week as we were expecting friends for the weekend, so lots of cooking instead, but the weather closed in on Friday and nobody was going to travel unless it was absolutely necessary, so a quick phone call to some local friends who stepped into the breach and helped us eat the food.  Not sure when to expect the thaw, so we will wrap up warm and take some nice winter walks.


  1. Lovely photos. The Old Vicarage looks perfect for a greeting card. :)

  2. I love it when the snow settles. Don't care how much disruption it causes! And it didn't stop lots of ladies visiting the sale today either. Have polished up my Welles ready for a yomp tomorrow as group has been cancelled. may do some home sewing tomorow!

  3. Lovely photos Jo...the girl was telling us about all the snow they received in OX. I think she needs new boots!:)