Monday, 14 January 2013

First things completed in 2013

I thought I had been just sitting around doing nothing, but not so... just look at what has been finished already.

While I was away over Christmas I took time out on my own to visit a patchwork shop,  just to see if there was anything I was missing out on.  No, nothing new in the patchwork world, but this shop also sells wool, and I have often seen a pattern I like, but when it comes to costing the wool etc. it seems so expensive that I just pass it by.  This visit was a bit of an exception, I saw a pattern and it required only 3 balls of wool..... even I can afford 3 balls of wool!.  So this is the outcome of my little trip.

It is lightweight and just right for the summer/

I was trolling the flickr pages, and came across this tilda teacup angel so off to buy the book.... that drew a blank, because the book is not being published until about May time.  I need this Angel, and I needed it now.... so managed to buy the Angel wings from one of the Tilda sites, and made my own pattern up using other Tilda pattens that I have already.

Cute don't you think
Now I just couldn't stop at one ...the Angel wings came in a pack of two....what can a girl do... no will power that's me! 

Arms a bit long! May need attention.

I love them.

The other thing I found while surfing the web was this very handy carry bag for an iron.  So Sunday was spent playing.... VoilĂ !

I am going to try to made a smaller one for my travel iron 

Now what do you think is going on here......

This might give you a clue...

8" x 4" finished

Keep you posted on that project.


  1. You have been a busy girl...nice having some time off isn't it?!:)
    I can't believe that sweater only took 3 balls of wool....awesome and the colors are lovely!

  2. Love your cardigan you soon knitted it.Also the angels are great you are a clever girl and what good idea to carry your iron in as the box always gets tatty
    As it is snowing I hope you are not wasting time Jo. I am sure you are busy as usual.

  3. Well, tomorrows outing cancelled, no work, housework up to date, ----- think I may just have a sew day instead. Must finish a couple of quilt tops, then I might just have to angel up a tea cup myself. They are just lovely!