Thursday, 21 March 2013

Holiday over....

Yes the holiday is over, so I thought I would show you a few things that were given to me.  My daughter has her own business selling bags, purses, sunglass cases etc. so she made me a new bag (she doesn't make these to sell) and I had to have a new glasses case to go with it (she does sell the glasses case).  We also had our own designer pillow cases..... Nana and Gaga appliquéd on them and a new laundry bag.

Just right for summer days
My friend V has the embroidery machine that we used to make the Easter Baskets, and she had made me an early Christmas Decoration...... 

This fabric is sparkly and stunning.

This is supposed to be the wrong side of the tree, but with all that beautiful stitchery I think this will have to be hung somewhere that it can be seen from all directions.
My fingers were not idle.  I had planned some hand sewing while away, so I bought a pattern from Geta and prepared my little hexagons before I left.  I was amazed just how quickly the little pieces went together and was very pleased with the result.

I love the 3D effect.
but of course there is always a lot of this....

Such a good feeling getting these out.
I have not finished yet, but since being home I have managed to get some quilting done.

Just the binding and this will be another one for the wall.

When we left Cape Town it was 35 deg. C. and back home here we have been lucky if its been 5 deg. C. and my hands have been freezing - even in the house.  A friend sent me this link so I have been busy.

Lots of buttons

and toasty warm.

recommend these.
Now the crochet hooks are out, I have been playing at making a jacket for my granddaughter.  There is no pattern, but there is a crochet-a-long where different rows go to make up a blanket, and on the Ravelry site this lady  has a pattern for a coat, so I am going to combine the lot and see what happens.  This is the story so far......

Not sure what to do next.....mmmmm!

wish me luck with it....... see you soon


  1. Oooh, look at your crochet!!! Love the start of the cardie but those handwarmers?! Swoon! And your quilting is, as ever, deeevine.

  2. Everything is so lovely!!!!! Those crocheted 'hand warmers' are perfect .... I'm off to check out the link - thanks for sharing. Tis a shame that it is so cool at home for your arrival but I hope it warms up really quickly. :)

  3. I have been practising my crochet stitches, think I may be ready for my own mittens (before everyone else gets some!!) I have Geta"s Flower Power pattern at the top of my to do list, think that Hexi one may be a close second!! x

  4. Thanks Mum! XXX Glad you are enjoying the bag.