Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cooking, sewing and unpicking, that's my Saturday

Cushion number 6 is finished, and I am getting to like this new look more and more.  I only have a few more to make, and already I am having withdrawal symptoms at the thought of finishing.

From the magazine Quiltmakers 100 blocks
I spent most of Saturday cooking as we are expecting friends from South Africa on Monday.  They arrived in the country on the 2 May, and are busy visiting family and friends but have us on the list for Monday and I am so excited as the last time we saw them was in 2006.  

I had a couple of hours late afternoon, so decided to make a start on cushion No. 7.  A friend had pinned this block on Pinterest as she thought I would like it....... she knows me so well!!  Its another paper pieced block, and I was getting on so well but just had to do that extra bit.  Well, you  know where that leads don't you....... yes mistakes,  I spent probably about another hour unpicking, just couldn't get those 1/4" seams correct.  Why do we do this to ourselves?????

Can you see how tiny those stitches were that I had to unpick

Unpicked, pressed and now I am ready to start again the next time I have a few hours to spare.,


  1. Hahaha...how many couches do you have?!:) I feel you on those 1/4" seams....I have a problem with them even with my 1/4" foot!!:)

  2. this ones going to be awesome, Jo The others are great

  3. Love the bright colours that you are using? You have such a nice selection of fabrics. Must have a good shop near you?! Have a great catch up with your friends Jo. Xx