Friday, 23 August 2013

I've had a good week

Well, what a fun week I have had.  I had a great weekend with my friend Dee who I met through flickr and I thought the rest of the week might be a bit of a let down, but how wrong could I be.  Monday I went off to my sewing group and as it was one of our all day sessions a plan had been hatched to make Table Centre's. Quite a few of the ladies 'had a go' and most of us got most of the Table Centre finished, just maybe the binding to be finished at home.  This is my masterpiece.

On Wednesday Mr D went off to play golf which meant I could play at home making a mess to my hearts content.   I decided to make some pin toppers,  I have made a few in the past, some successfully, others not so hot! So off I went to the world of Pinterest to see if I could get some ideas... well we all get inspiration from Pinterest don't we!  These are the product of about 4 hours work...... think I might be a bit slow, but it was a fun day.  I just love the Penguins and the Rabbits.........hope you can recognise them!!!!

there is a hedgehog and a funny bird at the back - they weren't quite so hot!
Thursday brought the postman, and you will never guess what he brought me!!!!!! Two drinking straw containers....again the wonderful world of  pinterest.  I found this  and knew it would be a great way for me to store some of my ribbons.  What do you think?

Think I might have to put some brighter ribbon in them

I also managed a few finishes this week.  Firstly my Mandala, that I first saw here, it was a project that was to keep us busy with hand work on a Monday.  Four of us started them, 2 of us have all the hexies on the backing fabric, and one(!) of us is FINISHED  Yeah!!!

The hexies were randomly placed, so no measuring.

My friends daughter is getting married, so she needed a special coat hanger for 'The dress'.

just needs a ribbon around the hook

and lastly you must see my Agapanthus.  I don't have as many flowers this year, so I think I must do some research on what to do to improve them for next year.

Love them

The flowers this year have been absolutely fabulous.

To finish off my week we are off to Norfolk on Saturday to celebrate Mr D's uncle Stan's 90th birthday. Whoop Whoop!!


  1. Some great work there Jo, I have finished my table centre and am starting to applique my hexies on my Mandala!

  2. Just love your Agapanthus one of my favourite flowers, table centre and other work great. Must finish my table centre almost down just the hand stitching just the job for a wet Saturday afternoon. Enjoy the Bank Holiday

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    1. posted under the wrong sign in - sorry!

  4. Right - you have heard it here - I WILL finish my Mandala ready for the Exhibition!

    The table topper looks lovely - the hanger is beautiful as is the Agapanthus.

    Love the drinking straw container - such a good idea
    The pin toppers are the cutest! What a busy week you have had!

  5. Wowser...you have really finished a lot of stuff!

    Unpacked yesterday and was so upset cause I thought I lost the rose pin...then I found is safely in a little box of bracelets the girl had given to me!:) It is now with the others you gave me last year!:)