Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Busy doing nothing....not quite nothing

I have been a bit busy socialising just recently, so only a few bits to show you.

I have made a couple of things to show and tell, one of which is part of my bumper winnings from Geta, and as you can see another glasses case, this one is the bigger style ready for some fancy sunglasses.  I am still working on different interfacing, and this is a softer vilene, but the magnet clasp seems to work well.  The other item is a key holder ....yes, you put it around your wrist and never loose your keys again ....well that's the plan, you just have to remember to put it around your wrist.

Nice little collection
I have been meaning to show you is this little  fabric box .  I think I may have increased the size a bit, but you know me, got to alter something!  I am going to fill it with fabric and it will be part of a gift.

the fabric on the bottom is all sewing related

Now some of you that know me, know, that I play swaps on the flickr site.  Flickr have altered the site, and I really don't like the improvements  so don't go on the site as much as I used to, but one of my 'on line' friends encouraged (won't say bullied) me to joining a swap group.  This group is the Mini Q T swap, where you make a partner (who you know) a mini quilt no bigger than 12" x 12".  The reason my friend mentioned this months swap was because it was English Paper Piecing or Foundation Piecing (you have a choice)  and as Miss D says 'right up my street'.  This is not a secret swap you are allocated a partner, so as we know who is making for us, we don't post photos of the whole quilt, just "sneaky peeks" so that's all I am allowed to show you.  This is my start......

Dotty Hexies all ready to go

I must just show off this Star Gazer Lilly, it really is a beauty and as I step outside of my kitchen door its perfume greets me...... what more could you ask.

It has 8, yes 8 buds so 5 more of these 'lovelys' to come

This weekend is the Festival of Quilts, so I am off to the NEC this Saturday.......anyone else going to be there???  I missed it last year, so am looking forward to seeing what's new in the quilting world.


  1. Have my bag packed and ready for an early start tomorrow.Going Saturday and Sunday too! Lucky me.

    Love the foldy things.

    1. Must meet up on Saturday, maybe you will have time for coffee. Have a good show.

  2. Bwhahahaha!!:)

    So glad you are getting to go to the Festival!

  3. Hope you enjoyed the show and found lots of lovely thing to do.