Sunday, 28 July 2013

Winners week

You know I joined Geta's Linky party and wrote a post on some of the items I had made with her tuts and patterns, well, Geta very kindly offered an inducement of a few prizes and I was one of the lucky ones that managed to win 5 ... YES 5 of her patterns!  It was quite difficult to choose, but in the end I decided to have 
1. Boxes of Love
2. Pockets with Love 
3. Retro Fun bag
4. Loving Hugs quilt pattern
5. Jolly Holiday quilt pattern.

Didn't I do well? and as many of you know I can't have a new project and not get down to making it, so the first item from my new patten 'library'.  Tah Dah!

Fabrics chosen, and one with pellon, cut, and   ready to sew

Great gift for family and friends.
I teach/show some ladies how to crochet and sometimes they come up with things they would like to make but have no idea of how to go about it...hopefully this is where I come in.  One lady wants to make a cover for a milk jug or sugar bowl..... you know those pretty little doilies with beads.  Well I have been playing and decided that even my new beginners could have a go at this if they felt so inclined.

Think this might just work
 If you want to crochet the beads in, you have to add them to your crochet cotton before you even begin, and they can get in the way a bit.
Cotton beaded ready to go

That's about all I've made this week and I am not sure I will be making much next week as my sister is visiting, but would you like to see a couple of flowers that, to my mind, are looking beautiful.

Double Petunia.  

These hanging baskets are overflowing..

How stunning is this?

The Lillies seemed to take a while to burst forth, but well worth the wait.

All the flowers needed was a bit of sun, and they have certainly had that over the past few weeks and everything is looking wonderful. 
So I guess I am a winner all round, lots of new patterns for me to work on, and lots of wonderful flowers to look at.

See you next time x.


  1. Lucky lady again ,Jo!! the box looks great. the petunias are beautiful. x

  2. I hope you are posting your cool projects on flickr for everyone to enjoy there too!:)

    Flowers are amazing!

  3. Well done Jo it could not have happened to a nicer person.
    Can not wait to see all the projects when completed.
    Flowers are beautiful... Like the crochet cover for the sugar and milk my Grandma had several of them that was years and years ago.

  4. Owww stunning flowers in the garden Wow send more pics of the baskets! Very clever with the box. Well done