Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mixed bag

I have been playing with lots of different things this week.  Do you remember the yarn I bought in Yorkshire? I decided I wanted to make some square blocks (have to say doing long rows of the same stitch is a bit boring in my world!), so after searching Pinterest I came across a couple that I like.

I made 12, and have a few scraps left,
I also bought some more cotton but brighter colours this time and have started on these....

got a few more of these to make
I think I might just make all sorts of different blocks and eventually see how I can put them all together in a scrappy rug of some sorts.....we will just wait and see what happens.

At my local  sewing group we are getting ready for our bi-annual quilt exhibition and one of the things we do to make a bit of money for local charities is have a cushion raffle.  I do feel like the 'cushion queen' as I have made so many just recently, so 'thinking hat' on, and this is what I came up with as  my contribution.

Even uses some yo yo's
 While I was at group, someone had some old 'Miniature Quilt' magazines which were freely available for us to take and use.  There was a miniature quilt in one of the books that I thought would be challenging, so set to work to on the pattern...... but even I feel this is just toooooo much of a challenge for me.

Just look how small it is....may pass this one by!.

But I am going to make a Cathedral Windows quilt/cushion with a friend.  I have decided to play a bit with this and have a couple of shapes and size windows.  I spent hours ironing these little squares and am so glad that that boring bit is over. 

This I hope will give me a rectangular window

My neat pile of ironing

My last bit of 'show and tell' are these glasses cases. I have new glasses, so therefore had to have some new cases.  My daughter perfected the pattern and sells them through her business Blossom Creations but think she would be pleased with my attempts.

So smart!

Enjoy the coming week and happy sewing.


  1. Ooooh...all your projects look wonderful but I really love the colors of the squares at the top!

    Best of luck with your raffle...someone is going to be very lucky!:)

  2. Any one would be pleased to win the cushion in the raffle,like your crochet squares can not want to see what you are going to do with them.Interested in your daughters Blossoms Creations great fabrics.

  3. Hi love your squares they are going to be very interesting mixing up I admire you interest in those tiny scrapes now I have to say not quite there with the glass case!!!!!!. I have the real one mmmmm cant wait for Feb

  4. The glasses cases look perfect Mum!!