Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Weekend away and the sun shone on us.

We had a long weekend away in the Yorkshire Dales.  My daughter, son-in-law and family live in this beautiful part of the country so we visit as often as we can.  This time we decided to have a stop on our journey up to them, and Wetherby was our choice lunch time stop.  Wetherby is a pretty Market Town just off the M1 motorway (so if you are travelling further north, this is a convenient break in your journey as opposed to the usual service areas).  Thursday is market day, so we had a bit of a wander (and button shopping) before we found a nice little restaurant for our lunch.  Lunch was really yummy and most things were made/baked on the property, so fresh bagels filled with delicious goodies soon disappeared and as the cakes looked so good we decided to treat ourselves (well, we were on holiday---- sort of!).  My cake was Orange, Almond and Lavender, Wow! was that delicious? so I am now trying to find that recipe.

On Friday, my daughter (S) decided we should find the village of Clapham where there was a shop selling yarn. The village is picturesque with a Beck running through the centre. The Beck starts life high on the slopes of Ingleborough where it plunges into subterranean depths.  Ingleborough caves are a well know tourist spot.  The yarn shop becksideyarns sells mainly specialist yarns, but they had a sale basket so I ended up with a few little bits.

the balls are 100% cotton, and the hank is made from sugar cane, and my buttons from the Market.

On our way back from Clapham, we stopped off in Skipton where Attic 24  and her friend Tracy from patchwork chickens have set up a studio.  My friend V who lives in South Africa follows Attic 24, so I had to take a picture of Lucy's area just to make her jealous (big grin on my face). 

Lucy's area of the studio

 Lucy wasn't in the studio, but Tracy was happy to stop and chat to us, tell us all about their new venture and - what a lovely lady!.  Tracy does some felting, so on my next trip north I might just be in touch as I would like to add that to my 'to do' list.  Unfortunately I didn't get photos of Tracy's work, but its lovely and if you hit the link to Attic 24 and scroll down you will get a bit of a glimpse.

Saturday was such a nice day we decided to spend the time resting in the garden, plus my son - in -law (P) had broken his toe on Thursday so long walks were not what he needed.  I took this photo from our attic bedroom (well its my granddaughters bedroom when we are not there).

What a beautiful view to have from most windows in the house.
Sunday morning and the sun still shining so we decided to go to Bernsall for breakfast.  S was going to run there (3miles) and as poor P's toe was not feeling so good we caught a lift there with him but had a lovely walk back.

Had to cross the stepping stones....the bridge was too easy.  
The rest of Sunday was spent in the garden happily hooking away.  

I will make a few more with the little that's left on the balls, then decide what to do with them.
 Now, I have eaten sugar cane, drank the syrup squeezed from cane, but have never crocheted with it!.  
Not complete with buttons, but think they will look cute.
On our way home we stopped off at Bolsover Castle, near Chesterfield.  What an interesting place.   We had the audio tape so it explained the history of the house and its 'main owner' William Cavendish. The keep is in good condition, and the riding house has been restored, but the Terrace Range is in ruins, but with the audio it explained everything about it and how it would have been in days gone by.   I am always amazed that one person can have so much money to renovate and entertain to such lavish extremes.   The views from the castle will take your breath away.

This is the keep which is in very good condition
What a great (long) weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing your weekend Jo, it looks like you had a lovely time, with some great photos

  2. What a great trip and I can't believe how quickly you made all those squares! They would make a lovely front of a bag....maybe even a drawstring type bag!

  3. Love your crochet makes me want to do more.Just short of hours in a day. Looks as if you had a great time.