Monday, 1 July 2013

Yo Yo's, Pom Pom's what next?

What does a girl do when she doesn't know what to sew??  She plays on ebay.  My friend had been making pom poms when I visited her, so I thought I would look on ebay to see how expensive they were.  I  soon found there was one up for bids, so had to have a go didn't I, put in my bid and  thought I only had 6 hours to go before I would know the outcome.....should learn to read the small print ...the 6 hours turned out to be 6 days so what could I do in the mean time.  Go have another look to see if there was anything else that was desperately needed.  I didn't have to look for long because I really wanted a smaller one and  after a bit of searching I found the tiny one and bought that outright.  Monday morning my tiny maker arrived, but I had to wait until Friday before I realised that I had won the auction and the small maker arrived. Yeah!   In each pack you have two pom pom makers, so by Saturday morning I had a little gathering.

You wouldn't get them this small using cardboard rings.
So, what do I do with them now?  Put them in a jar of course.

I show some ladies how to crochet, so this means I have to do my homework to make sure I can encourage and get them making some different things.  I have played around with a flower pattern that I think could be used, and, I have also found a use for one of my mini pom poms :)

Perhaps it could be attached to a bag, or even made into a brooch
Today I met up with my Monday sewing group, and guess what!  My friend L. turned up with two more pom pom makers.Yippee!

The smaller pink one needs some attention, but this is my little group

So, now I have to think of how to use these cute little pom poms.

I think I have said before (many times) that our summer is rubbish, so I have decided to pick some of the flowers growing in the garden so I can see the beauty of them indoors.

Beautiful or what.

This pale pink peony is my absolute favourite.


  1. Well, a girl can't just sit around twiddling her thumbs can she - so Pom-Pom's it is.

    I love Peonies - ours always gets blown about just as it at it's best