Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wow! Wow! Wow! and Ow! Ow! Ow!

Yes, we have had another beautiful sunny weekend, well the rest of the week was n’t bad either.  Now sunshine brings out all that washing that needs to be hung out in the fresh air, so Saturday was not a day to be missed for getting washing washed and dried.  I rushed downstairs with a pile in my hands (no shoes.....too hot) and crashed into the sofa.. Der! ( and a few other words!!!!!)  The sofa has been in the same spot since we move in near 10 years ago (think I should know where it is by now.... and its not really that small) and why Oh why was I running, the washing machine was n’t going anywhere......, my poor little toe got separated from the other 4 ...not hanging off, but oh so sore.  Had to even sit down before I passed out the pain was so great.....I think it may be broken, but not much point in sitting at the hospital to be told they can’t do anything about it, so I just sat and crochet most of the day with cool compress on hand.....suppose that was n’t too bad.

Poorly sorely toe (well foot actually)

Yep! day two and the bruise is coming out

What did I make while sitting on my backside....... yes, this little cutie.  

This this might be for some little girls baby.

The pattern came from here but I had trouble with the arms and I did alter the ears, so my bunny has ears but no the arms (she’s armless enough). 
And before I forget I did finish my baby shoes with buttons, and think they look too sweet....... just need some tiny feet to put in them now.

I was out on Friday and my friend E showed me some really nice fabric (guess she bought it at our local quilt shop) and mentioned that she was going to make some peg bags.   I have a favourite pattern for peg bags, and use my one all the time, so offered to draw it up for E to use, but while I was thinking about it I decided to make myself a new one, after all my one is getting a bit frayed around the pockets after many years of wear.  

This will match my kitchen curtains 
While sitting in the garden sipping Pimms and nursing my toe, look who came to visit....... 
Jeremy Fisher no less

Sweet Peas are now going mad, so each day I have fresh bunch picked for the house and the scent around the house is wonderful.


  1. Gosh that looks so painful, I hope it heals soon. I could smell sweet peas all day, heavenly!

  2. Wowsers! A broken toe is a painful thing - definitely lotsvof tlc and sitting down to help it!

  3. I have it from a Health Professional, that "that needs looking at!!!"

    Looks really sore Jo, and all for chores!

  4. Love the peg bag pinney going into production this week(for Christmas) Crochet very pretty but toe looks so painful.What some people will do to sit in the sun and crochet.

  5. Oh Mum this must have been whilst I was away!!! Ouchie!