Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mini's .......

As usual on Monday I went off to my sewing group, and this week was one of our 'all days' (rather than just an afternoon group).  The 'events' that the ladies had worked hard to impress us with were some cute sewing aids, that we could make if we wished.  I decided that I would like to make a mini handbag that would contain a travelling sewing kit.  I thought the little bag would keep me quiet for the morning, and in the afternoon I could start something different........little did I know that it would take 4 hours of cutting, glueing and sewing before my bag would finally get  finished (so much for a different make in the afternoon), but what a cute little bag it has turned out to be.

 The size of this bag as approx, 3" x 5" 

Plenty of room for cotton, scissors needles etc 
I have also been sucked into one of the 'flickr' groups that I belong to.  I was hoping it would spur me on to get me sewing again, and I think it is helping.  I had been invited to join the new Mini QT swap group, and I didn't need my arm twisting as this month the mini's are  Pinwheels, Log Cabin, and Chinese Coins, and I get to choose which I make. In this group we know our partners, so its not a secret swap, but we are not allowed to show the finished quilt until our partner has received it.  My partner has mentioned that she likes 'earthy tones' and I felt I had just the selections that would be needed for my project.  

Think I must use these 
The fabrics that I choose for my partner reminded me that I had kept the spares from a quilt I made a few years back, so have raked them out and I am going to use them in some English Paper Piecing.

These left overs will turn into .......

These..... please don't ask when it will be finished!
As some of you know, we have a crochet club and smocking club at our local quilt shop and I am the lead on these groups, so try to make a few things that the ladies might like to try.  

crochet tub to keep bits and pieces 

Getting ready for Christmas me thinks!
and lastly just look at my beautiful PINK hyacinth.  

We have had some really warm days, and today after I had jet washed the patio, I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on it reading a book and lapping up the sun.  Easter is just around the corner, lets hope the warm weather stays for the holiday.  x x x


  1. Well done with the little handbag, it is sweet. I love the colours that you have chosen for your swap. LOVE the EPP stars! We need to see the scale please?

    Pink hyacinths ! Just in time for the hols.

  2. That little purse is the cat's meow!;) What a great idea for a sewing kit!

    Ack those little EPP bits are great....yes....how big...or how small are they?:)

  3. Replies
    1. auto correct!! sorry

    2. Ha ha lucky I was there when you were running this test comment otherwise I might be a little concerned. ;)

  4. Wow! smocking, you made it.........love it ( how long will it take me......me thinks!!)
    great work ,Jo and the hyacinths are beautiful! x

  5. Love the crochet basket as as for the smocking its great. Happy Easter to you and your family

  6. Thanks for the picture of the handbag. Couldn't remember what the inside looked like. No more crochet items pleeeease, I now have three things on the go but want to try the bowl at the next crochet club!!