Sunday, 6 April 2014

Starting slowly

Sewing has taken off very slowly, so I thought I would share some embroidery that I have been working on with a few of my friends.  We are making Cathedral Windows and are embroidering some flowers to peek out of the windows.  I took inspiration from  Jo's pillow..... isn't Jo's one stunning.

Got to have a blue bird

This one is a little different

Bit more work in this 

Foxgloves and Hollyhocks just a reminder of Summer

Must  have a love heart 

Flowers and trellis

Love this one

Primroses....a must

Some nice bright Daisy'
As Easter is just around the corner, and  we are meeting up with some of our family I thought I would make some little fabric boxes, fill them with eggs and give them to the little ones.  

Sitting pretty

Now they look Yummy

We have had the odd sunny day, so we bought a really cheerful plant for the patio, and just look who came to visit......hope its not to early in the year for this beauty

Touch of cheer
I received some Narcissus 'Tete A Tete' for Christmas, and a friend tended  them while I was on holiday. When we returned the bulbs were about 2" out of the soil, but since then we have watched them shoot up and flower........burst of happiness with each cheery head.  But all good things come to an end....

Looking a little sad now, but they have given their all

I am now going to give my Hyacinths a place of honour in the kitchen and am looking forward to see these bloom 
What colour do you think they will be?.

Thanks for popping by, see you next time. x


  1. Great idea for the fabric boxes - Easter Baskets! They're so pretty. I really like your idea of embroidery for the cathedral windows! Nice to see flowers in bloom. :)

  2. Wow, what amazing embroidery! So detailed and intricate!

  3. Your embroidery is beautiful Jo. Looking forward to seeing the finished item. Pink hyacinth I think. Love the look, but the perfume is a bit too strong for me.

  4. Your embroidery is lovely and cute little boxes I am sure they will be enjoyed .
    My hyacinths have grown very quickly and I am sure within a couple of days yours will be full out. I do like this time of the year with spring bulbs.

  5. Oh goodness those will look fab in little windows! How big are they?

    I'm thinking the hyacinth is pink too...maybe a raspberry purply pink?:)

  6. Love the embroidery Jo. I too, think the hyacinths will be pink or red.