Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bit of this, bit of that, and a bit of learning inbetween.

Oh goodness the excitement of Yarndale still goes on......you see  I had played with some of my goodies,  and now have some more to play with. Yeah!  My friend L and I decided it would be nice to order some yummy colours of the carpet yarn so the crochet ladies could make themselves some bright colourful bags etc.  Choosing the yarn was a bit difficult as there were so many beautiful colours but we decided 20 cones was a good number, giving lots of choices.  Once the order came through I noticed there were 26 cones, I had left 3 extra colours as query's and, as L had 3 more she wanted to add, the final total was 20 + the extra 3 each = 26 cones.   Oh my! we must get cracking now.

One thing I saw at Yarndale was  a ceramic yarn container, but the price was £40 and as nice as it was I just could not justify that cost....SO, lets try to crochet one.....

It works well with hand wound yarn.
this bowl is crochet with the three yarns together, it has a hole for your yarn to thread through and a bit of a lip for your needles to rest in.  I now have to go make up a pattern, and hope the ladies like it.

I have also finished the socks for little Miss I.  I couldn't really find a pattern so just adjusted the full size pattern, I reduced it by 1/3rd, but I am beginning to think they may be a bit small.....back to the drawing board..

love the colour

they will fit someone.....
The other thing I have been knitting is a pair of fingerless gloves.  The pattern calls for 2ply yarn and 2mm double pointed needles. Phew!  that's fine and thin.....  I think the pattern is written by someone from overseas and there are stitches in it that I have never used before, so to say it was a learning experience is not an exaggeration (what did we do before Google and You Tube).  I am almost finished the first glove, but now she talks about casting off using the 'kitchener rib bind off'', I have never heard of that before, but she does direct you to a website where  there is a tutorial for the technique.   I'll let you know next time how that goes.

Must make myself some posh markers.

Last but never least.... On Saturday I went off to my lesson on 'quilt as you go' with Jan.  I had a lovely day and really thought I was steaming along, I had ideas of what to do next and Jan helped explain how to do it, Wonderful...what could go wrong!!!!!!  trimming some of my wadding that's what can go wrong! Oooop's!  I needed to trim back some of my wadding on seams already sewn, I had completed three of the sides of the quilt, and almost finished the last side when after a snip of those scissors I thought things didn't feel quite right........ good job it was just the one 'snip'

I decided it was time to go home. 

All repaired, even that little tuck has been fixed


  1. That pink sock looks tiny - or is it a giant sock that it is compared with?
    Well done on the repair - no one would ever know what happened - unless someone has blabbed to teacher......
    Great idea to crochet the yarn pot. So much more economical.

  2. You have been busy...love the crochet pot

  3. Looking forward to seeing everything knitted/crotcheted. We all make those small cuts but manage to hide them!!