Thursday, 6 November 2014

Knitting Nora......

 Firstly let me show you a tiny bit more of my 'quilt as you go' quilt.   I do feel quite happy with this quilt now as I know exactly what I am supposed to be doing to get it finished.   I have added a couple of borders since my little 'slip up' with the scissors.  Firstly, I added a patterned  half inch joining border, then the final border with 'cross hatch' quilting, (mainly because I thought it would be the easiest (big mistake) as I had to unpick about three times before I was reasonably happy!!).  Anyway I am now ready to bind it and add my 'piece-de-resistance' in the center

just getting started
Slowly Slowly
Just a glimpse of the corner
Not a good photo, but as you can see its almost finished

Then the  knitting  took over, and it seems I have finished my 2ply lace mitts just in time......Yes, winter seems to have arrived and they are very handy.   I never did get to grips with the way the pattern told you to cast off, but I could see it would work if you were working on an even rib pattern ie. Knit 1 purl1, or knit 2 purl 2 but my last rows had a mix and I couldn't get to grips with it!

great to wear even indoors

I have also unpicked the kiddies socks that I showed in the last post,  I just thought they were too small.  Firstly I thought I just needed to make the foot longer, but that didn't look right either, so it was back to the beginning......... I unpicked both of them and have re-knitted them having increased the cast on stitiches from 40 to 48.  Its amazing what a difference 8 stitches makes.....just have to hope now that they are not too big and she will have to wait to grow into them.

They now look quite big.

Lastly, I saw my friend wearing a nice 'cardie' that I thought would be great for me, so off I went  to Pinterest looking for patterns and this is the one I chose to use.  Its knitted in chunky yarn, so grows very quickly, but I think the pattern is a bit small for me, so once again I am back to the drawing board.  I hope one of my daughters would like this one, and I am about to start adding extra stitches to the next one and hope that one fits me better.

Keep warm and toastie x x


  1. OMG woman...you ARE amazing!:)

  2. It's knitting weather. like the cadi ,but the mitts are great such a pretty colour.
    You are goog undoing and re knitting the socks I hate undoing

  3. Like the look of the cardigan, it would have been great for my Egyptian day!! Quilt looks good.

  4. Hi Love this quilt the colours are beautiful a lot of work in there!!!!