Thursday, 13 November 2014

Back to the machine !!

I had a few hours free at the weekend so decided to get a couple of extra Christmas gifts sewn.  Now I had seen a little tote bag that had a drawstring top on line somewhere and set myself the task of looking for it........well, that was easier said than done.   I searched pinterest and other sites but only  came up with a couple that seemed too big for what I wanted.  I just could not get to the pattern  ...how frustrating is that!! Eventually I came across this one by Pink Penguin it was in my files already but I just couldn't remember where.....its a really nice size for small projects, and was  quite quick to make.  I did add a couple of pockets inside for those small bits that always get lost at the bottom of bags.

7.5" H x  7" W x  5"D 

Little Miss I loves dots so hope she likes this

I then thought I would make a small table runner and decided on this pattern  but I was just going to use the start blocks.  I did exactly as the pattern said, cut up all my mini charms then could not get them to sit nicely on the 4" plain fabric and when I looked at the photos, something didn't seem to match up. So I gave up with a grumpy face as I had already cut my fabric and I felt the mini charm pack was just wasted!  I then came up with this one which went together in no time at all.  Unfortunately a second pack of mini charms had to be used, but at least I got another small gift finished.

Mine is much smaller than the original pattern.

My  knitting needles have been dashing away and  I made another 'cardie' but this one is a bit larger (just added a few more stitches at the 'cast-on' stage) and once again I reduced the length as the pattern did say it was originally made for a rather tall lady   

Think this one will work fine for me.
That's about it for now, so see you next time x


  1. You've been a very busy lady. I like these drawstring totes although I've not attempted one myself - need a reason to make one. :)

  2. Bags look good, and I love the cardigan. busy girl again. wish I could get organised!!

  3. I love little runners because you can use them in more places or just hang them up!:)

  4. Ever the production line Jo, I am so impressed.

  5. Looove the little bag. Could I have the pattern (or link) sometime? xx

  6. You have been very busy.Love the bag and runner. Like your jacket ready for the cold weather.

  7. Love your tote bag so busy not long now xxxx