Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bit late, but take a look at my Christmas

Christmas, Christmas Christmas.....yes, I know most of you will have almost forgotten the big day by now, but I just have to share our very different day with you.

Firstly we arrived in Beaverlac on the 23 December and pitched the tents in the most beautiful spot. Once the tent and equipment was up and sorted, the Christmas decos and lights had to find a place, a tree overhanging our seating area was just right.  Solar lit candy canes were places as landing light for Santa (just in case he had trouble finding our new abode) - then we could start our holiday.

Candy cane landing strip ready for Santa's sleigh landing

Some of the tree top decorations

 The pools close by were wonderful, not too cold, just right for cooling off in the 32 + deg heat (there was always a breeze so it was never unbearable), Mr D and I took the children off to Main Pool while the last bits were added to our new home.

Getting in slowly 

The pool is just what is needed on a hot afternoon

Christmas day was a very relaxed day, and I have to say that Santa managed to bring so many gifts that we were all spoilt.

Breakfast so relaxed, just Ouma's Rusks dunked in coffee...

Yummy Rusks and what looks like the remainder of Santa's beer

Lots of dunking going on
The children were so patient waiting to open their gifts.  First the Christmas stockings were shown around and enjoyed.

Just look at those gifts on the table....I could hardly contain myself

Christmas lunch was another first for us......it was lamb shanks cooked in the 'potjie' with sweet potato's, carrots  onions etc. -  so yummy!!

Bit of prep work

Looks just about ready 

After the scrumptious lunch - the pools called us.

Just a short walk 

What a way to spend the day

Bit of sun catching and tadpole hunting

Each day we were camping we tended to wake very early, have a light breakfast,  pack up snacks
and walk then off to the pools.  We had many pools to choose from, main pool, baby pool, secret pool, amphitheatre pool, and the children's favourite - the 'Bum slide' pool.  Now, 'Bum slide' was an experience on its own.  Small amounts of water run over the rocks which makes the rock slippery, and you just have to expose your bum (if you want a fast ride) and slide down the rock into a small pool.  The way to go down on your bum can be very discreet....keep wearing your long 'cover up' and wiggle your 'cossy' up your bum and off you go....men can sit down, then just drop the back of their pants and go down. Of course - children just strip off and go naked, so we have to be very choosy when finding photos.
Making the most of the shade for a quick drink on our way up to 'Bum Slide'

Readjusting undies ready for the next ride 

Mr D making the most of a secret cave 

Lets work out the next moves down the slide
Lunch under a rock 

What a view!

Got to have a second look!

Cooling off
The walk back was just too much for this little puppy.....

Baby slings come in handy for carrying very tired puppies.

We had such a good time we extended the holiday two more days and this took us over New Year.  The children stayed up late which was a real treat for them and we saw the new year in with a glass of wine around a camp fire watching the stars....magical!

Just before the stars came out

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did.  Happy New Year to you all.


  1. What a fabulous way to spend Christmas! And not a turkey in sight! The photos are fabulous and am just a teeny bit jealous xxx appy New Year xx

  2. Wowser, wowser, wowser! What an awesome way to spend the holidays! My gosh...where you the only ones in the world there? It's like you had your own secret hideaway!!
    Happy New to You and Mr D!!

  3. Swimming on Christmas day....just what I was thinking if doing!!! Great photos. X

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time. Great photos and did you bare your bum??