Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mini Mania No. 1 finished

Remember I said that a few of us were having a little challenge?  Well, we had our 'reveal' on Saturday at 10 o'clock, we all used the 'whats app' way of showing and telling on our phones and I have to say it worked well.  Four of us started the mini quilts, but as sometimes happens life got in the way for one person (quilts for dogs, cushions for a charity) so only three of us had our quilts finished.

This is Lesley's
Oh so neat!
 and Lynda's
She even made fancy binding 
and last but (hopefully) not least, my one

Looks like I could do with a lesson in pressing!

If Ann manages to get her quilt  finished I hope to get a photo and then I will show that one.

Our next challenge is now up and running.......this one is going to end up about 8" x 10" ......but for me its a good lesson in cutting carefully.  


  1. It is good to work to a deadline. Need to stay a ahead his month as have a lot of things going on an still have a another "challenge" to complete ;((

  2. Sweeeeet! I can't remember how big they are but I remember your little bits when you started...you crazy woman!:)
    Your pressing is fine...it's just like that cause you don't have stitching. That border would look really cute with some hand stitching!!;) Heheheh!
    I still can't believe you sewed all those tiny bits!!!

  3. They all look good, but rather you than me!! I wouldn't have the patience!!

  4. They all look great! Just getting myself psyched(!) up for the next one😤😤😤