Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Yorkshire and the ipad Art

We visited our daughter, son-in-law and family in North Yorkshire this weekend and had a chilly but wonderful time.

On Saturday  we took the opportunity to visit Saltaire which in December 2001, was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (have a look at the web site as it gives you a virtual tour of the mill and is a very easy web site to use).

The ground floor of the Mill 

 The Salts Mill has been converted and a few floors have been taken up with retail outlets, and
on the upper floors there are a number of  galleries, one of which is currently staging  a David Hockney exhibition of his iPad art,  ' The Arrival of Spring'......yes all of the work was done on his iPad.  He tells you that he had found sketching in the winter just too cold so he sketched on his iPad (in the car) he then decided to finish the art work in the same manor, hence 'ipad art'.  His work is truly amazing
Firstly I have to apologise for the quality of the photos.....guess who forgot to take their camera and had to use the phone...(not an Iphone!)

These scenes were repeated for different times of the year

The colours and shading are unbelievable 

Just so vibrant

As I was  away for the weekend  not much sewing went on, but the friends that are joining me in the mini quilt have been busy.  A few of them have almost finished and therefore we have decided to have a 'show and tell' on Saturday.  When I say 'show and tell' -  we will all show our finished quilts with a photo on 'Whats app'  at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning.  It has been fun, and especially enjoyed some of the 'whats app' comments.  Roll on next months mini!  I will try to show you all the completed mini's but until then here are a couple of sneak peeks  of their mistakes......I would love to say I didn't make any mistakes but that would be a big 'fib'  I just didn't take photos of mine.

Can you see the unstitching
 This next one took a bit of looking at to find the deliberate  mistake

Different fabric in the top left hand corner

This is not my block, but I did make the same mistake

I hope next week I will be able to show you 4 mini quilts

While we were in Yorkshire I did get my lacy knit scarf finished.  I have to say it did get a bit boring in the middle section but I am happy with the finished result.

Yards of it

Light and airy, but nice and warm

Mr D and I went for a walk into Grassington and I spotted some Snowdrops growing by an old cow shed and took a photo. However then the gentleman that owned the cowshed came out of his garden and said if I wanted to take photos of snowdrops he had plenty in his garden and invited me in to snap away!

Oh so pretty!

This photo does no justice to the man's garden!

Snowdrops everywhere, and the river Wharf in the background

The water was very fast - flowing

I think each time we visit I take a photo of this weir
Off to catch up on some sewing now.  Bye for now....


  1. Absolutely lovely countryside that I don't know at all. Love the mini quilts though I don't understand what you are talking about with the 'whats app', but I am a bit of a dinosaur in that direction!!

  2. The lacy scarf came together quickly!! It's so pretty.
    The colours in those prints are so vibrant - they look great all together
    Looking forward to seeing all the mini quilts together too

    1. I love the scarf! It looks so cosy. The wharf and weir look lovely places to spend time. Will have to get address!!

  3. The f looks fantastic, and so pretty.

  4. Typo error. Meant to read scarf

    1. Thank you June I am rather pleased with the way it turned out

    2. June I love you little icon it's really sweet