Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Computers and the rest

 Over the past few weeks/ months whenever I made a comment on other blog sites, I became aware that although the comment was posted, the blogger did not get a notification that my comment was there. The same applied to a couple of regular ladies that leave comments on my blog.
This was all becoming very frustrating so I thought I would try to solve the puzzle.
After finding that I was getting nowhere, I opted to visit a friend who is a bit more "computer aware" than me.  We then spent a good few hours surfing the web trying to find a solution, with no success, so we decided to stop for some yummy soup, crusty rolls and lashings of butter Yum Yum!!   After our bite to eat what we did manage to do was add a tutorial page to our blogs .......be honest did you notice??  I had hoped to add one of my tutorials but there a has been a 'faux pas' on the pshoto front! - I have managed to delete loads and loads of photos including the photos for the tutorial. So until I create some tutorials of my own I have added a couple from other sites that I have found handy in the past and hope they might be of some use to you.

Other than my computer which has taken up a fair bit of my time I have been playing with my sewing machine again.  Someone asked if I could make them some chair arm covers, so I'm back to practising my free motion quilting.

Hope  they fit

I think I have told you in the past that I have attended a few of Jan Shepherd classes at Poppy Patch, and she brought in an adorable mini quilt that I just fell in love with.  Jan didn't have a pattern for the quilt, so she allowed me to try to fathom it out for myself.  Unfortunately the photo does not do  justice to the quilt but  I think I did a pretty good job.  I now have to decide what I am going to do with it.  I could bind it and have it as a mini quilt, or I could make more blocks, sew them together 'quilt as you go' and give it to my smallest grand daughter who assures me she doesn't have a quilt from me, only a quilt cover.

I even copied the way Jan quilted it.
Closer view 

Now 'L' and I (in the past) have joined in some quilt-a-longs, and this year both of us seemed to be 'slacking of late' so she (with my encouragement) decided that we should have a small project each month.  I do believe there are a couple more folk who are going to join us so it should be fun.  This is just to show that I have started cutting and getting ready, who else has their fabric and rota blade out?

Mmmmmm wonder what it will turn into

I am off to London tomorrow for a couple of days, so don't think there will be much sewing until the weekend.


  1. Love your colour choices for your mini quilt and the spotty one is really sweet. Have a great few days away!

  2. Wow! You have chosen some bright colours for your little project, but that's no surprise really. I love your spotty quilt. Have a great time in the city. And yes, I did spot your new Tutorials page!

  3. That little nine patch with the blank square in between is exactly what I was thinking of doing for a quilt for our boy! Still pondering though as I think a churn dash would be great too...but of course take longer!;)

  4. I had spotted it too. Would love to take part in the 'project' but I doubt I would finish any so will have to give it a miss.

  5. Hope you enjoyed London,you have been very busy .Like the chair arms may do some for our chairs. Tutorials very good.

  6. Hi Gosh Jo if you cant work the compy out there is no hope!!!!!! Love your little mini quilt and love your new project colours wish this was happening in S.A. Treasure my attic 24 signing xxxxxxxxx