Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Odds and Bobs

You may remember when I went to Yarndale I bought a few hanks of yarn (as you do) to make a few bits a pieces.  One of the hanks I bought was for some lacy fingerless mitts (2ply yarn and 2mm needles) which I did make and have to say they are perfect for wearing indoors when those fingers are feeling chilly.   My sister-in-law came over to visit and her hands were so cold she went home with a new pair of mitts, and as I had lots of  yarn left over I started on another pair, so those needles were out and flying.  I don't know if any of you suffer with cold hands, but I can highly recommend fingerless mitts, I believe that as you are warming your wrists the rest of your hand warms up ..MAGIC!

Even wore them the other night

I also bought some yarn while I was in South Africa.  Its a homespun, hand dyed, 100% wool. classed as 'lace weight' (in other words really really fine).  I have planned to make a scarf, and after using 2mm needles (about an old English size 13) for the gloves, I am now using 4mm (old size 8) for the scarf pattern and with such a change in needle size I found it quite difficult at first to hold the needles properly, but I think I have mastered it now and the scarf is growing..

Love the colour

On Monday I went to Higham Piecemakers  for our 'all day' session.  I have to admit I didn't really have much enthusiasm, but actually really enjoyed the day and managed to get two aprons finished.   We usually make quilts for Linus, but one of the members of the group asked if we could make a few of the aprons for dementia sufferers,.....another good cause.

The project that 'L' suggest we get cracking on is coming along.  There are four of us doing this months mini quilt, three of us live quite close but our fourth member lives way up north, so it will be fun catching up with her quilt in photo form (just have to hope she sends lots).  I did ask two of my friends to join,  both declined this time, but it has encouraged my S.A. friend to get on with a quilt that she has had lying around for about a year, so hopefully we might get some photos of that one.  I love the idea of joining with others to give that little push that we sometimes need.  I have made a start on my mini and had forgotten just how small a 1" square is when sewing...

72,  1.5" squares waiting to be cut in half diagonally 

Triangles sewn to my 1.25" squares

36 neatly trimmed to 1.5"

All the little rectangles, and the 1" squares sewn and ready to make into a block 

3.5" square. one block done 8 more to go

4 down, 5 more to go 

I am busy for the rest of the week, and we have a weekend in Yorkshire, so not a lot more will happen with my mini quilt for a bit...... wonder how the others are getting on?


  1. The fingerless gloves are beautiful and I love the colour of the scarf. Your mini quilt is looking quite lovely. Have a nice weekend away. :)

  2. That scarf is growing!

    My cutting has commenced .......

  3. I love those fingerless gloves!! and am pulling my hair out to make the squares the right size!!! Have sewn all three sections and reverse sewn one section!!

  4. I love the mini quilt - must have a go myself sometime. Scarf looks good as well and I like the colour.