Saturday, 18 July 2015

Busy Day and the last of the hols.

I have had a really good day today.  You know you wake up, do normal things but you just feel you have achieved a lot.....well today was one of those days.  Do you want to know more.....well I am going to tell you anyway.  I woke stripped the bed and put that washing in the machine, caught up with my pile of ironing, then had a go in the garden.  The garden has been signed over to Mr.D since his retirement, but I wanted to get the patio jet washed (that usually falls to me as I love the power of that machine), and as it was a nice sunny day I went out and within a couple of hours we had a nice clean patio, pots tidied, lawn mowed, and I had even managed to get my bed linen dried and ironed, all before lunch - that's what I call a bonus!!!.  I'm bushed now so I thought I would share the last week of our Canadian holiday .

Just before we went to San Francisco we had a trip up to Squamish where they have recently opened the Sea to Sky Gondola. The ride takes about 10 minutes but you can, of course, hike up the mountain. However that involves ropes and effort!
If you look closely you can see one of the ropes by the side of the big rock

foot path...I think not!
but these folk obviously decided to be mountain goats

Not sure how long it would have taken them
This is the way we travelled 

and once at the top the views were breath taking

another suspension bridge 
Miss A, Mr D and I had another trip into Vancouver and Stanley park.  We came prepared this time to stop off at English bay and have a swim, with a few handstands thrown in.   

I don't know how she does it. (no they are not my legs!!)
then we noticed that paddle boards were for hire  Dudum!!!!  I have wanted to play on one of these for a while and as we could hire for just one hour it seemed meant to be.  I have to tell you that we forgot that English Bay water is not as calm as 'the cove' and those little waves soon threw me off.

:Little Miss is confident 

But I did manage to stand for a while
We did have fun and it was well worth the dunking.  I have much more regard for the folk you see paddling around 'the cove' making it look so easy.

On our last evening we went to the night market at Lonsdale Key (where you would catch the Sea Bus to the city).  It was another beautiful evening, and the market had lots of different food and craft stalls.  Unfortunately C had to work (well someone has to! ) so he couldn't come with us 

Some very interesting stalls 

Vancouver in the background.

Our holiday in Deep Cove is another one for the memory box, we had such a great time.

Next time I will get back to some craft work I promise.


  1. You iron your sheets?!!!!:)

  2. Wonderful photo's Jo, wonderful to look back on.
    Yes I do iron my sheets !!!! must be mad

  3. Love hearing about your holiday. What fun paddleboarding - you can do it at Ringstead but not such fun as Canada!!

  4. Some more fabulous memories. That paddle boarding looks like fun - as long as you don't mind a dunking! Back to reality now.......