Sunday, 26 July 2015

Bit if a bumper blog

As promised, no more holiday snaps as I am sure I have bored you enough.

Do you, as I do when planning a holiday, allow suitcase space for a small project that you can play with while away?  This year I took some knitting that was on the go, and some hexigons to make this, and just before I left I saw this little beauty. So I decided to slip in a few Perle threads ( there is a pattern  here)  but as I didn't have any internet right then and there, and needed the pattern right NOW, I had to just make it up as I went along.  I sat in our hotel room at Gatwick and made a start.

The colours are not quite right ...the white is actually cream.
Not a bad start, but have to say the 'sewing up' took almost as long as making these (approx) 1" squares.   I did get to finish it, but need to adjust the edging.

Finished and more like the actual colours

 Once in Canada my grandson asked if I could make him some fingerless gloves for when he goes fishing in the winter, so off to 'Michael's' for the yarn, pattern off the internet and ready to go.  They didn't take long, then the orders came in......

Mr C's completed

Pair for daughter-in-law, and garter st pair for Miss A
 I also started on my Spring Basket,

So neat.

Planning in progress
happy with the result

Its actually quite big

Once home we were given the instructions for our next Mini Mania Challenge, which  is paper pieces as well, the pattern comes from here and Felice gave us permission to play together.  Before I show you any of that I should show you my completed quilt for June. 

This one does not have binding because I am planning on sewing them altogether at the end of the year

Mug Rug size
 If you would like to see them all my friend over here has photos of them all.

This is the beginning of July's challenge, but it wont be revealed until the end of the month.

The squares are just 1" so all pretty small
At Yarndale, last year, my daughter bought a patten and yarn for some fingerless gloves, but after battleing with the pattern decided to get me to make them.

Lace weight yarn and tiny tiny needles
I have completed one mitt, but after a visit to Fiber East will they be put on the back burner?????  Oh No I really should not have bought, but it was fun.

Lots of shopping
We went back to this stand about 5 times... umming and aahing!!!
and this was my final haul! 
Can you see that tiny circular needle...I am going to have a go at making some socks with it!  A lot of the ladies at the exhibition were using them instead of  Double ponted needles and all said they much preferred the circle, so I can't wait to have a go.


  1. Really enjoyed yesterday and I love your lacy mitts. Must have a go sometime.

  2. I don't know how you choose with all those possibilities....guess it's just like fabric but portable!:)

  3. Love that pincushion, Jo. Almost tempted to give it a go!!!(almost)

  4. Fibre East was a lovely feast of squidgy colour! I cant think who could have been dithering - hope they aren't regretting resisting a purchase....
    I love the little pincushion. I think we should bully QuackQuack into making one