Monday, 30 November 2015

Churn Dash Mini Challenge

Yes, this month our challenge was to make a mini quilt using the churn dash blocks.  I had to go and look to see how this block was made up (Mr Google is so good at searching) and I found lots of different styles but decided to go traditional.

I did start small

These papers make perfect  half square triangles 

Oops! a mistake about to happen

Just 2" unfinished 

Second mistake  Boo Boo!

I am now sure I am not happy with this
 So back to the cutting board ......

This was a sneek peek for flickr photos
 Only a little bigger, but I felt I could get  a better seam match

Not perfect but getting there
 Finally I like
Final size 9" x 9" 
Tomorrow we get our next challenge here and as we have Christmas coming up we have decided to let the next challenge spread over two months, so you have plenty of time to get this one done.......come on join us.


  1. Hey Lady! Finish the little one! Would make an adorable pot holder!!:)

  2. They're both lovely Jo, love the autumny one 😍

  3. I really love the one you finished, and you are so brave to try the tiny one! I always go for as big as I can get away with in these challenges! ;-)