Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Crazy or What!!!

 A number of years ago I bought a kit for a beaded bauble from Spellbound Beads, the design was called Starry Night Bauble and I loved it.  Last year while at the "Ali Pali" Exhibition I found another bauble that I thought I would like to make so again bought the kit.  This year I decided to make a few more and searched Pinterest for some inspiration.  You may have seen some of them in  This post. What was not known is how addictive beading baubles is!

Lots of different ones, 

The one I really wanted to reproduce was the very first one I had made 

In my opinion its a stunner
I generally keep all of my patterns, but I have searched every draw, cupboard, shelf, box and cannot find it, SO lets have a play at working it out myself....

Goodness knows where to start, this looks like a spider!!!

Wish I could remember how to start!!
lets start at the top
looks OK So far

3 stars and the glass bauble at the ready
It took a few more hours but I think I've cracked it

Phew !!!
The glass ball I had bought for this ended up being too big so the beading wouldn't fit.  Boo Hoo! I might just try to make some of the beaded dangling stars and somehow hang them inside my glass ball. 

I think in the New Year a trip to Lichfield is called for.


  1. What beautiful baubles. I love making them too.

  2. You've got me hooked too, they are so addictive. Have a long way to go to catch up with you!