Monday, 29 February 2016

Pineapple beauty

This months challenge was to make a mini using this template from Little Mushroom Cap   I decided to use plain colours with white, and as the plan is to use all of these mini's in a large quilt I wanted to sew as many blocks as I had colours.  I was only happy with 12 of my colours so the work began.

One down....
 Have to tell you these were not completed in 5 minutes

Just two more then a bit of Trimming
Once they were completed I now had to remove all this paper......

Biggest draw back with paper piecing 

Good T.V. program to watch and all the papers gone.

I want this mini to be just a bit bigger, so to add some borders, but not just plain borders.

Taking off the paper takes almost as much time as the sewing

But think they were worth it

Yep! just 2.5" but Oh so Cute
Now for my Tah Dah! moment 

I'm very happy with this one

As I am away on holiday I may not be able to join in the next challenge, but if you would like to join please head over to here tomorrow and the next months instructions should be posted.

Thanks again to Amira for the templates.


  1. Look at you! Scheduling a blog post Mrs Smarty Pants! Love love love the mini this month, Well Done xx

  2. This is great but holiday scmaliday you are doing the next challenge...you can hand piece!!!!!!!😄

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