Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Holiday Time

Fair warning, this post is going to be holiday holiday holiday, so if you want you can bail out now.

We arrived in South Africa the day after my birthday, so we were treated to a wonderful lunch at Harbor House Restaurant, which seems to lean out over the sea, such a beautiful venue, and scrummy food.
Pre lunch drinks 

That Sea looks so tempting

What a setting!

This was my 'starter'  Shrimps and Avocado  Yum!

The children were both at school, so we took our turn with the school run's.  Mr B. comes out of school 1 1/4 hrs before Miss I, so we spent the time watching the children playing in the school playground.  Each class has their very own climbing frame and there are no 'health and safety' police around, so the kids learn to be careful.

This is part of the school building.   Those tree's call out to the children to climb them

No soft landing if you do fall.
and we were lucky enough to be there to celebrate Pancake evening.  A fire is lit in the middle of the paved area, pancakes are provided, and there is always folk dancing for all to join in.

such a great way to spend an evening.

The children have quite a few after-school activities, but  on free days we would try to go for a treat somewhere.  I think our favourite treat was cycling along Sea Point Prom.  with a nice cool ice cream at the end of it.

You have to admit I'm getting pretty good at cycling  with the camera in one hand 

'Blue Blue' skies 
and once you have finished your ice cream cone, you can share the rest of the tub

Some for you Miss I

Open Wide
Then home for some quiet time.

Bit of hand embroidery 
and Mr.B could not be left out

He was pretty good too!

Mr D and I had a couple of days to visit old haunts.  Kirstenbosch Gardens is always worth a visit, ( I could write a whole blog about Kirstenbosch but today its just a few photos)

The beginning of wonderland

cool pools 

These Lillies grow along the central reservation of one of the Highways, and they are a joy to see growing in the wild

You can't beat that mountain as a backdrop for the Botanical Garden
We also traveled back to our old home town, walked along the beach then took a drive up 'Chapman's Peak' for a selfie photo shoot 

Fisherman' s Wharf and the Sentinel Mountain  in the background
Getting better at these 'Selfies'

Its been a while, but I used to cycle up here.....30 mins up, 10 mins to get back down

I have to show you this piece of Art,  Its very clever... odd bits of metal strategically placed

Can you see what it will be?

Bit more of a clue in this photo

Tah Dah!  its to bring attention on just how endangered the Rhino is 

As a family we had a weekend away in Bonnievale.  The cottage we rented was right by the river, and we had the use of canoe's and the river was wonderful to cool off in ....once we got through the weed.
Relaxing on the stoop 

Look no hands

Morning paddle 

All too soon the holiday came to an end, but the weekend before we flew home Mr D and Mr A had a weekend away.  A "father and child bonding weekend" for children attending the school our grand children go to.  The weekend is organised by the Dads and they all take part in making the weekend fun.  Some cook, some make coffee and cool drinks, some act as life guards and take walks up the mountain. some tell bedtime stories and some just help out where ever they can (that was Mr D)  

Tent up and ready 

Love the hat 

All ready for supper

A walk up the mountain 

and a reward at the end of the trek

while the men were away J and I had a bit of a girly time.  Manicure and Pedicure booked, lunch at our pleasure and cocktails and supper at the Waterfront.......very special time.

My favorite cocktail  Turkish Delight ...... and it was delicious 

Good Health to all 

I now have to get myself back into the real world. and hopefully I will have some thing crafty to show you next time.


  1. So great you get to have that time with your family! What wonderful memories for all and how in the world did you manage to have the whole of the promenade to yourselves?👌

  2. photographs are wonderful, pleased you had a great time

  3. Gosh ! You condensed all those weeks of fun into a short blog post! Looks like you had a fabulous family holiday - now back to reality 🙁

  4. So envious. Looks and sounds wonderful.