Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Still looking for my MoJo

Oh my! Am I having a problem getting my sewing "mojo" back.  Don't get me wrong, I find it's sometimes good to have a break but this week is a sewing week at my local quilting shop and I can't get any enthusiasm for any sewing and I'm blowed if I am going to sit in the shop knitting or crocheting when I could be on my comfy sofa at home!  I suppose I will come up with something to do and it will be nice to catch up with the other 'ladies that sew'.  I did make a bag when I first got home, so I might just cut some more fabric up and make another, it can always be a gift.

A combination of two Debbie Shaw pattern

When I go on holiday I take some small hand sewing to do at quiet times, and this holiday was no different.  I took all of my hexigon 'stuff, and I also took some embroidery, but the main thing I did was knit.....Yes in 30 dec C  I was knitting fingerless gloves.  The thing is I think fingerless gloves are so handy and they are quick to knit.  In the end I made 6 pairs..... all with different yarn, and therefore they all came out slightly different.

This pair are actually lime green

 The other thing I have been wanting to play with since our trip to France before Christmas, are crochet Dream Catchers.  I love the idea of snowflakes, so the first one I attempted was a crochet snowflake which I love, but I am not sure about the big gaps, so Pinterest was studied over the weekend.....

Got to think more about the ribbons too
these are my next attempt 

I might look at a smaller ring to attach it to

Blocking going well, and I think the ring will work for this one

Do you remember the Higham Piecemakers Christmas Challenge? We were all given a fat quarter of background fabric (either white or cream) which had to be used  along with the workings for a clock.  I have made clocks before as gifts for friends, but never one for me, so, this is my clock which sits very happily in my sewing room.  I finished my one before the holiday, but it missed the big reveal day as that was the day we were travelling back home.  You should go over to Higham's blog to see what the other ladies made......they are brilliant. 

Bright and cheery just like my room 
These lovely spring flowers were a late Mothering Sunday gift from my daughter.  Not only do they look lovely, they smell beautiful too.

Off for the first evening walk of this year tonight, so hope the weather stays dry and I might get a few photos for next blog time.  Keep fingers crossed it stays dry


  1. Love the clock. Your dreamcatchers are lovely - note to self, must make one!

  2. you will soon get back into production with other goodies.Dreamer catches lovely so you have been busy.

  3. Lovely dream catchers! Love the bag as well. I have just the fabric ( and part of the pattern)! For this one. X

  4. That's very fine crochet - very pretty. Perhaps you need a challenge to get the sewing mojo back ๐Ÿ˜‰

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