Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Walking and working......

As the clocks were set to British Summer time at the end of March it meant that 'we ladies' could start our evening country walk again, but the weather hasn't really been very good to us until last night.  Although it took a bit to get me out of the chair I was really pleased I made the effort as it turned out to be a really lovely evening with a  beautiful sunset.  We walked around Foxton Locks (Leicestershire), and ended up in the village,

So beautiful
 As the sun went down the sky looked like it was on fire.

Now, have you ever had that item in the house that you feel you could make more attractive -- but never had the time to get around to it?  I have an old office chair which is used at my sewing machine and it is covered in typical office upholstery fabric, so a number of years ago I draped a small quilt over it as I was a little intimidated about reupholstering it,

Looks a little sad
But today was the day for tackling it.  Mr. D was out for the day so I had access to the tools (have to say I feel they are my tools as much as his!).

The old screwdriver is ready to lift old staples 

A few more tools added and I am now at the point of no return.....

Think its working....
Bit of cutting stapling and sewing -- Voila!!!!

Think I should have invested in some white paint for the legs....maybe that's a job for next week

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  1. How brave to take your chair apart!!!! But it looks so smart.