Sunday, 24 April 2016

Perhaps we should never tidy our sewing rooms!!!!!

This has been a bit of a mixed few weeks.  I took Mr. D for a walk around Foxton Locks, a repeat of the walk I did with my friends, but this time in daylight so we could enjoy the joys of Spring.  The first of the wild bluebells (some were white just to be contrary)  and daffodils that I have seen this year, mind you we were away at the beginning of Spring.

Is this an indigenous bluebell????

Daffodils in flower,  Bluebells to follow

Think these must be the real thing

I still haven't got back into sewing, but I am enjoying making the crochet doilies.  I have tried a few patterns for the 'ladies that crochet' and made a few into a dream catcher, but I can't have hundreds of them hanging around - so! what to do with the rest?   I have a plan, but I might save that to reveal in another post......sneaky of me!

Just a start

At the weekend I decided to look through and tidy all my yarns.........big mistake!   I started well, but soon got distracted when I came across some perle threads which a number of years back I used for knitting miniature dolls clothes and some skirts for half porcelain dolls.  Porcelain dolls!  Where are those dolls?   Every cupboard, box, drawer, nook and cranny was searched.....no dolls!  This is the time when the saying 'My brain is like a Teflon pan. Nothing sticks' is very appropriate.   My sewing room was then turned upside down for the umpteenth time. Then as I last resort I looked in the garage where a few boxes for the charity shop had been stacked  Yes, you guessed it, one box had strayed into the wrong pile and my half porcelain dolls, along with some skirt patterns, were finally discovered. Phew! Lucky rescue........

Probably the longest part of making these beauties is threading the beads onto sewing thread ready to transfer to the Perle.

It takes hours honest.

Finally something finished to show you....

She just needs a name.

The moral of the story is - if you get distracted while cleaning up your stash, don't worry you may also  rescue a treasure,  because my ladies would certainly have ended up at the local charity shop Eeeeeek!!!  

I am on a roll now, "dollies and doilies".


  1. Keep those "dollies" under lock and key!!!

  2. A lesson learnt! Can't wait to see what to do with the doilies as I have another one!

  3. All that fiddly tiny stuff... You are a crazy lady!! I'm all thumbs and toes!!😜

  4. Dollies are lovely also like the doilies. Keep putting off tidy my sewing room. perhaps another day.