Thursday, 30 June 2016

Mini Mania Challenge June #16

This months challenge was Stars.   Easy you would think!  The first problem was the 3 colours that we were told to use being Yellow, Aqua, and Purple!  As you can imagine there was much discussion on what is Purple and what is Mauve!  Eventually, it was agreed that the Purple police would not be visiting, so just use what we had in our stash.  We could use as many shades of these colours to make our quilt, and there had to be at least 4 Stars and we could choose a different background colour.  My first thoughts were to make scrappy stars, but that didn't work for me, so I decided to play.

I started with a 12" block which I increased in size to give me an 18" finished block.

Then I started to reduce the star pattern, and tried to work in my colours

 I started with the smallest star, which measures 2" finished.   I then added that to my 4" finished block, hoping that my decreasing worked, and that it would all fit together.

  I  got a bit nervous after joining the first two so chose to make the big Daddy size star next.

It looks like its coming together
Just have to fill in the gap now..... that's three, now for the fourth.

Phew! that seems to work.


The finished block is 18" square, contains the three colours, and 4 stars are (almost) 'present and correct'.  You can't see, on the photo, but each star is shadow quilted and  the outside of each star is quilted with a free motion vermicelli stitch. 

Go over to flickr to see all the other ladies mini quilts, and don't forget you can always join us.  I wonder what next month will bring????



  1. Awesome Jo! I totally forgot to post today!
    This is super duper cool beans!!

  2. It all sounds so easy, but I bet it wasn't!!! It looks great.

  3. That's a Great Mini Jo! Love the ever decreasing sizes