Sunday, 21 May 2017

Just a few bits to show

Hi there,  I thought I had better get something on the blog before I got into trouble again.  I have been working on some baubles to take to Canada at the end of the month.....yes!.. I am off again.😲  Our grandson is graduating from High School, so we are going over to attend the ceremonies and celebrate with the family.  It also gives me the opportunity to make (and take) some baubles for them.

This design of  bauble was the very first one I ever made some 15 or 16 years ago.

 and its still one of my favourites

Starry Night Bauble
 This one I made last month in silver and gold but never really loved it, so, I have added some colour and like it much more.

Wenceslas Bauble 

Pretty in Pink and Purple
Wenceslas Bauble 

altogether I have got 6 to take with me so am happy with that.  All of the patterns are from Spellbound beads

I have also got hooked (literally) on the "dress a child" dresses.  Some have already been given to the ladies and these are just a couple more

Its been great, as I used up some fabrics that have been sat in the cupboard, and the crochet cotton has been in a basket waiting for a project, so its 'win win' all round .

I loved making my " High tea" crochet blanket (which in my house is to be used as a table cloth) so made up the blocks to take on my holidays for quiet days.

Have to confess that I couldn't resist crocheting a few. Who knows I may find time to get some of my charm packs sewn ready for yet another one before I go.

See you next time, happy hobby days.


  1. Lovely work Jo, but I am sure where you live the days are longer, you get so much done, the crotchet topped dresses are lovely, suit Ted!! Have a great holiday.

  2. Love the little dresses, but I can't start something else at the moment!! Too many other things on the go.

  3. Dear Jo the dress's are wonderful any little girl would love them you are an angel........Baubles great enjoy your trip and your crochet project makes a wonderful table cloth got my mind working perhaps I will have a go after this next week

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