Monday, 8 May 2017

Just For Ena

Oh my, I have been to my sewing group  today and had a ticking off because I haven't added to my blog recently and all I can say is I have not been idle, but I do have a new laptop and have still got to get to grips with customising my photos etc......well that's my excuse!

I love to sit in the evening knitting, so I have made yet another two pair of socks with fingerless mitts to match
The cream yarn was a Christmas gift to me, but the blue will be a gift for someone else
and the beading of baubles carries on 
I have tried to add some colour to the baubles and beads, but I'm still not sure I like them.

I love the pale butterfly and think it will end up on the white bauble 

and tassels have now been added to the repertoire.  I have to say this tassel gave a few problems to start and I thought this would be the first and last one I made, but now its finished I might have a go at another....they are so pretty1

Before my holiday a friend gave me a birthday gift as a holiday project, she had cut and sewn all the squares so all I had to do was the blanket stitch and the crochet.  It was duly packed and I spent a few happy hours stitching and hooking away. The result was lovely and the whole thing was so enjoyable to do that I have decided to make another.   So fabrics cut and machined. now for the hand sewing and crocheting
The bottom two photos are of the one received for my birthday 

I had been invited to a patchwork group to show them the technique of Foundation Piecing.  I had to make a couple of samples and decided to use them in May's Mini Mania Challenge ....waste not want not!
This block will be added to the others and in time turned into a quilt  

Last but not least is the 'Challenge' we all received from Highampiecemakers.  We all had to make the same block and if you go here you will see that we all made a lovely job.

Another block for the quilt - me thinks 
So as you see I have not been completely lazy lately - just avoiding the computer, I think.


  1. well, you are forgiven as we can see you have been busy.
    Love the baubles, but I think that tassel may be a step too far!!

    The crochet edge quilt has turned out beautifully - well done xxx

  2. And as for Ena - she has been slacking herself lately !!!

  3. I can take a hint - must try harder to get mojos back -last seen cutting triangles into unmanageable bits

  4. That Ena, always cracking the whip!! I have a new iPhone so I know what you mean about a new computer.

  5. Certainly worth the wait to see what you have been up to, as always, beautiful work.