Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Long time no see

Hi there to you all.  I know its been ages since I last wrote on my blog, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

I have just returned from a 7 week holiday in South Africa........yes, 7 weeks!..I have to say that I honestly didn't know how I felt about being away from home for that long, but as it turned out it was great.  We spent the first couple of weeks in Cape Town with my daughter, her hubby and our two grand children.  There is always a list of things the children want to do and this year the top of the list was a trip to 'Ratanga Junction' with the "Cobra" being at the very top of the list of rides, but my favourite (and one that we went on about 8 times) was Monkey Falls (you really should click on the link and enjoy).
By the time this photo was taken we had both worked out where the camera was 

Mr D and I then had a trip up to Durban to visit some friends that have both had a rough year.  The weather was very mixed (although always warm), the first week was so hot and humid I even developed a heat rash - mind you with temps. of 36 deg C it wasn't surprising.  After a few days  we left my friend V and travelled just a bit further up the coast to Salt Rock.  We arrived there on the Sunday, and Monday it started to rain. By Tuesday we had caught the tail end of a Cyclone and in all the time I lived in Natal I don't think I have ever seen it rain so hard and for so long   I believe that in 24 hours over 12 inches of rain had fallen!

cool pools 

Cool Cocktails 
Our next stop was Victoria falls.  In all the time we lived in S.A we either didn't have the money or the time to visit this beautiful tourist venue.  Getting into Zimbabwe was a bit of a trial because although we knew we needed a visa and had checked online, there was some confusion as to how we could pay (the web site said we could pay in US$, Rand or credit card, but web sites can be out of date we were told!).  We were the last folk in the airport and getting a bit frustrated but eventually managed a card payment...Phew!!!  The driver that picked us up gave us a few hints and tips about visitors to the Falls and also said she would take us to the bank for US$  but unfortunately the banks had no money (nothing unusual we now know)  so we managed with Rand and credit cards.   The falls were magnificent and well worth the effort of getting into the country.  You just cannot believe the spray that rains down on you as you wander through the rain forests, and unbelievably its warm so locals call it a free shower.

Photos can;t show the volume of water

Before we got absolutely soaked
Can you see the rainbows? 

Having a rest on the way down to the gorge 
We also decided on a Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi river.  We thought a small boat would be more friendly, and rather than a full meal we chose a boat that offered snacks and drink.  I think it was a little African style, but the guys on the boats were brilliant spotters.  We saw hippos, crocs, and an elephant (which was unusual as there had been so much rain they didn't often come to the water as they had plenty inland)
Nice and relaxed 

This is the Captain and the Bar!!!!!
There were so many 

 And such a beautiful sunset
Afternoons in Zimbabwe were spent around the pool.

Love empty pools

This part of the holiday came to an end and we had to return to the airport - and what a surprise that was!  Firstly there was an exit tax that nobody had informed us (or any of the other passengers about) and at $50 each it wasn't a cheap escape.  I couldn't believe the airport, as there was not a soul to be seen!....... beautiful airport but empty!  The biggest surprise was when we realised that there was only 10 passengers on the Airbus 320 back to Joburg!

Terminal 1 

The restaurant 

Our departure Lounge 
Choose your seat 

Our last stop before returning to Cape Town was to see friends in Johannesburg.  Oh how the area has changed since we lived there!  I cannot believe the amount of shopping malls and designer shops, not that we spent much time in them, we were off to the Vaal River for some R and R.  Time was spent relaxing by the river, bit of fishing and then trips in the boat looking for Monitor lizards and fish eagles and other wild life. 
Personal tour guide and spotter 

Lady Muck!!

I did of course get some sewing, knitting and crochet done while sitting around 

This was a DIY birthday gift from a friend 

Christmas gift 

A friend was battling to get this finished so I took it over.   
Then on our last weekend, back in Cape Town, our daughter Jan and I had a "girly" sewing time as the men and children were off to a 'Dads and Kids Camp'.  What a lot of sewing got done!!

Cardigan for granddaughter Issy coming up 
I cannot believe that this was from the daughter that had no interest in sewing!

Jan made two of these 

I also made two

Two pairs of leggings 
Not bad considering we only had Friday afternoon and Saturday..  
Our last day in Cape Town was spent at Noordhoek Cape Point Vineyard.  A picnic and lazing in the shade......just the ticket!! 

What a view 

Hope you have enjoyed my holiday.....


  1. Life getting in the way is gooooood!!;) xo

  2. Well,7 months to write about your 7 weeks was worth the wait ! What a fabulous adventure. Love your baggy pant suit too. Just the thing to wear at the supermarket 😜 Good to have you back ! Xx

  3. What a fantastic holiday. Nice to see you back. xx

  4. Wonderful photo's and I am sure a great holiday Love the baggy paints. Pleased to see you back. missed you also your blog x

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  6. awww hope u good time there!
    happy life,