Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Goodness I wanted to tell you all about yesterday, but I have had to go food shopping this morning, and I this is one of my least favourite jobs.  Firstly you have to wander around the supermarket finding the items you want to buy, and it always costs much more than you expect.  You  travel home and find room in the cupboards to put it,  later you have to get it out again and turn it into some delicious meal which is eaten and you have to start again..... what a waste of sewing time.

My first thing yesterday was to try to make a 'button' for my blog so others could just grab it if they so desired.  I found a tutorial here and I spent about 3 hours trying my best, but that was obviously not good enough and I still don't have a button.  I then decided to go back to my Sunshine Rose Garden block.  The pattern I downloaded seemed to be missing a section, but after talking to my friends on Monday we thought we had solved the problem so I decided to play.

Fist two sections together.

Now that bit went easy enough, so on to the next bit.

Seems alright so far
On this bit I extended the bit numbered 7 and it seems to work.

Added the next section
I then repeated the first section and thought it would just add on to the bits already made...but

Can you see what's going wrong

Close up of the bottom

See, it just doesn't fit together nicely.  Jen, did leave me a comment and told me the missing pattern piece is in the magazine.  Its the July/August 2007 magazine and although I have looked on line it seems to be out of print now......not surprising really, I mean it is 5 years old.  So I am going to go back to the drawing board on this one, bit of a challenge and all that stuff.  I would have a go today, but I have another challenge that I need to attend to.  My friends have decided to join this so I thought I would join them, and make a few.  Now I am not saying I am going to make them all, but I might have a go at a couple.  I am going to try to use scraps, but I find 'random' a bit of a challenged in itself so we will see how I get on.

Believe it or not, it's now time to eat........ good job I have already prepared some salad, just get it down my throat, and then off to sew.  


  1. Hi well have to say that you are really tackling a hardie there.........but your colours are lovely keep it up doll. Does blog land (yours) have spell check??? just asking in case this blog becomes very famous??

    1. No Videa it doesn't so you can do that if you wish. Dennis usually does it for me, but he's at work.

  2. Hi Jo
    Please I am hopeless and I have just checked with my sister and your word wander is perfectley right. I swear I have never seen it before My humble apolgies. Also I have packed my "dict" I am now assuming the lowered head position

  3. Hi Jo, I love your spiky block! It looks great and I can't see a problem with it at all (I could be very unobservant though!). So pleased you finally have a blog for me to visit!