Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunny Weekend Starts on Friday ..Yeah!!!

On Friday we woke to a really thick foggy morning, but you just knew that if the sun would wake itself up, it would burn off the fog and we would have a nice day, and that is exactly what happened.  Our plan was to go the the Antique Fair at the Peterborough Show Grounds, to have a look at all the lovelies, not that we are likely to buy, but nice to see what's up for grabs.  By the time we got there, the sun was shining, and we think every man and his dog had the same idea of wandering in the sun, I have never seen the car park so full.  Luckily the fair is so big having so many people wasn't really a problem.  I wanted to look for some pretty cups and saucers to make into pin cushions, and I soon found one I liked that was not too expensive and bought it.  The problem is that as you walk around you see more and more, so I ended up with these.

Pretty aren't they

My friend had a birthday on Saturday, and as she sews a bit, I thought I would give her one of these little cups so I sat and played and this is how it turned out.

Cute don't you think!

Saturday was another very foggy start, but ended up a sunny day, so the garden got a bit of a tidy, and we took out a row of Lavender bushes that had been looking a little past their best, and goodness how its opened up the garden! I am sure I will miss the fragrance, but the garden does look much cleaner and fresher now.  Maybe at a later date we will  replant one or two more who knows!  

The clocks were put forward an hour this weekend, so we are now in 'British Summer Time', and this was what Sunday morning brought us.

The mist is lifting, and the sun is already shining

When we wake to the scene above it makes you want to get up and make the most of the day, and  that is exactly what happened.  We know that we will be on a hose pipe ban from the end of this month, so my first thoughts were  to get the patio in the garden cleaned and jet washed (obviously using the hose before the deadline).  Mr D decided we needed another water butt to collect rain water from the shed so we set about our respective jobs.  Mine was a piece of cake, but Mr D's did not go so well.  He had bought some small guttering for the shed, but it would not work with the water butt, so a quick trip to the D.I.Y. store to change the bits he had already purchased.  The water butt is still not quite there, but we are well on the way to being a bit more water efficient.


  1. Love the little dish with the roses round the edge, so pretty. I have a thing about china cups!

    Is that a photo of you back garden then Jo? Looks very well matured :) x

  2. Yo Jo!:)
    Great idea for a bday present. Did you glue the cup on the saucer? Have you seen where people will glue a large magnet to the bottom of a saucer or little dish for a pinholder?

    Your backyard looks like ours...except we have a HUGE burnpile...that we won't ever burn!:)
    PS....your runner in the last post is brilliant!:)

  3. Like your garden Jo !!!!
    Must get unto our roof have china cups that belonged to my Mum must have been in the roof for 10years. Every one will be having pin cushions for gifts.Starting with one for me.

  4. Hi Jo
    Love your cups!!! You are sooo lucky to go to the antique show.
    Glad the weather is getting better for you.Ready for Sunday....

  5. Oh, your teacups are fantastic!! Clever girl.