Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Jack of all crafts, master of none

I decided to do a bit of baking on Thursday.  I love this Carrot Cake, it's a recipe that I have used for years, 

Before baking
 Just look at that crust...yummy!!
Ready to eat
 Now most people pile on the cream cheese topping at this point, but not me...... I love it as it is.
Would you believe I have never made a Lemon Drizzle Cake, but the guy on the radio has be gushing about the 'Mary Berry's Lemon Tray Bake', so I thought I would have a go.....
Just caught the top on the oven shelf....shame!!
 this cake is so delicious it will certainly not be the last one I make.

Do you remember when we were in Canada I bought some yarn?  Well here it is almost finished...

 I did notice that they now sell some 'row markers' for knitters, they looked just like the little rings that you get with the 'oral B' tooth brush heads, so saved some money and attacked our toothbrush heads...
Blue and Yellow rings to mark the centre stitch

Indoor photo, so colours are not good...

That is one of my holiday projects finished, so now onto the next.....I think I will start the 'Victorian Sample' that I bought at the same time as the yarn, that will take quite a bit longer to make.

Over the last two weeks we have (at last) had some sunshine and warmer temps. so the flowers are beginning to bloom.
Beautiful Lillies 
Climbing Petunias
A few weeks/months ago I was given a Bella Solids charm pack.  I saw a stunning quilt on line,as did a friend, and she gave me the challenge of making it. I decided it was a quilt I wanted to make so I printed off a picture closed the site, and went off on holiday......... now, I cannot find the site or magazine that I got the picture from (my friend cannot remember where we saw it either) but am still going to try to make it.  I have spent many hours trying to work out the pattern (with a lot of help from my friends) and have cut the fabric and ready to sew.  My problem is I would like to give credit to the designer, so if anyone can help I would be grateful.

Hey! I do have friends, and one has given me the link I was looking for (obviously I didn't look that hard) It's  here


  1. Haha....I would have never noticed the top of the cake if you hadn't said anything...man those look great!:)

    So...is that a shawl? How big is it?

    The flowers look amazing....think you would like our weather...32C or more every day...humid and hardly any rain!:)

  2. Have you been listening to Bernie Keith and cooking his lemon drizzle cake!!! thought we might have been treated to a slice!!!