Friday, 17 August 2012

Quilt Swaps

I thought I would  show you what has been happening to my Fab Little Quilt Swap.  Remember this is a secret swap, so I have to do a bit of research on my partner.  She has said that she likes Owls, and after looking at her favourites on flickr, I decided to use this range of fabrics.

I looked  on the internet for a design/pattern for an owl and  found this sweet little owl, I chose the threads to match my fabrics and began to start my sewing. It just happened to be a great day, so Pimms was the drink of choice.

 I have a plan for this little quilt, so spent a few hours cutting up some 2" squares in the flora fabric, and 2.5" squares in white.  I did post this photo onto the flickr site (purposely didn't show the white squares) and asked the folks there to guess what they were for, most of them thought they were cut for prairie points......

 but how wrong they are......pinwheels in process

 My owl is finished and I have sewn the 3 rows of 1" squares to it.... looking good so far..

 Back to my (not) prairie points....... yeah! they turned into dear little 3D pinwheels..... I love them hope my partner feels the same.

So this is my plan.... what do you think?  I really love it, but have to remember, its not for me.

Once I get this all together I will then have the problem of how to quilt it, that's the bit where I have jelly legs and never quite know what to do......keep tuned to see what happens next.


  1. This is going to be quite stunning Lucky partner I LOVE your owl.

  2. Oh Jo!!! This is amazing! What a lucky partner you have! Could I dream it's me?! At least until some lucky duck gets it?! LOL!

    1. Thanks Ruthie, you won't know until that postman comes to call. :)

  3. Wow Jo....what a cool idea. Was it hard to sew those pinwheels with all the folded fabric in the center?

    Why don't you machine quilt on the squares and then do some handstitching with lovely colors around the pinwheels?:)