Sunday, 12 August 2012

Still time to sew.

Hi there,  well I have been a bit preoccupied with some sporting event that has been going on in this   country, and what an event that has been!  Well done U.K.

There is always a bit of time for sewing.  I showed you this in my last post

Cut ready to go

5" squares at long last
 You may remember it took me (and friends) a bit of time to get the maths right, but it came together in the end.
Did I like it with plane borders or......

Should I add these scraps of triangles???
 I decided to go with the scrappy triangles in the border....
Ready to sandwich and quilt now
 As many of you know I am a fan of flickr, and join in swaps.   This week Fab Little Quilt Swap    here sent out our partners for round 2.  This is a secret swap, so I can't tell you who my partner is, but I have started on 'the quilt'.
Just the beginnings
 Today (Sunday) the weather has been kind to us again, so I have spent most of the day in the garden doing what I love.....

Needle, thread, fabric and a glass of Pimm's
 The Sun has finally brought on the flowers.  These Petunia's are climbing Petunia's, and this year we did think that they would n't be climbing anywhere, but at long last they have started to grow and blossom.  Yeah!!!!

Last but not least, I had to make a 12" block for a quilt, so I went with an "I spy" theme.....another first for me.

Hope its O.K.
Well, its now count down to the closing ceremony for the Olympic games so I will love you and leave you.  Hope you all enjoyed the games as much as I did.


  1. Love that stripe you put around your triangles...frames them perfectly!

    Man those flowers look amazing...btw...I'm not in that secret swap...can you tell me who is your lucky partner?:P

    Watching the taped closing ceremonies in 45 minutes!:)

  2. I love that triangle quilt and well done you for doing the scrappy I-Spy block!!

  3. I love the triangles quilt, and you chose the right border! Your little owl is so pretty too Jo.