Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mixed bag this week!

I have spent this week getting some things finished for Christmas.  I managed to get some pressies bought, some wrapped, and of course some made by my fair hand, also that all important 'list' of goodies bought (we always forget what we have bought, and  for whom).  I finished by making some minced pies on Saturday and 'boy oh boy' were they good.  I  followed one of Paul Hollywood's recipe's but varied it slightly and it turned out great.  For my  variation I used the juice of an Orange instead of water to bind the pasty, and I added the zest of the Orange to the jar of mince.  I didn't have an apple, so that got left out of the mince, but I did add the chopped tangerine and to give that also added punch, about a table spoon of 'Van der Hum' (a South African orange liqueur). Even though I say it myself they were really yummy!!.  Unfortunately my photos were absolute rubbish, so no mouthwatering displays.

I was busy with the Minion Hats, and not sure I want to see another for a few weeks,  but they are funny little things aren't they?

Small, Medium, and Large
also made more of these

another gift bites the dust...
and you must remember my disaster from last week

Boo Hoo
well, just look at it now... re embroidered  the Polyanthus hexagon, and completed the wallet.

Hopefully, a handy wallet
Ready for its next owner 
I must show you my Amaryllis.  I bought the bulb in a supermarket ( reasonably priced supermarket!), potted it up and low and behold my beauty began to grow.  I then noticed that there seem to be a second flower head making its way to the light..... bit of  a bonus, but look what is popping up now ........ do I have green fingers or what!!

Can just see the third stem
Yes, three flower stems....... I have never had that before. The first flower stem has 4 blooms, goodness that means I could have 12 blooms from this one bulb.....what a pleasure 

I will looking forward to seeing this lady blossom fully.


  1. You have a whole lot of Minions there Jo, shame we have no idea who/what they are!!

    You have a fab amaryllis too! lucky folk get two stems , so three --- buy a lottery ticket!!

    And a great save hexi wise, well done. :))

  2. Lovely projects, Jo, and those Minions have an appeal. Beautiful amaryllis.

  3. Bwhahahaaa...those Minions are Hilarious!:) Great job!

    The flower in that hexie...is that the flower in your flickr icon?:)

  4. Not sure about the Minions but the hexagon wallet looks great.Only one flower on my amarllyis but three leaves.You must go to a better supermarket than me.