Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas is on its way

This week brought the first real frost of the winter.  Yes,  Jack Frost called and waved his icy fingers over the landscape turning it white.  The frost didn't last for long, but it is a reminder that we are at the end of November and Christmas is just around the corner.

On Monday Higham Piecemakers had prepared  a fun 'all day' meeting .  There was a bit of homework, so a friend and I spent a happy day sewing lots of Christmas fabric together, and we were ready to complete our project on Monday.  Let me introduce......

Made use of some of my pom poms too
I also made a couple of new Christmas cushions.  I have learnt a lot making these, especially framing the circles with fabric.

That's used a few of my scraps
Mr D and I visited Rockingham Castle Victorian Christmas Exhibition.  The day was cold but bright and all the log fires in the house were lit giving a wonderful welcome.  The tour guides were acting as housekeepers and they explained just what work would be carried out on the day before Christmas as well as telling some of the history of the house and family.  

They would not allow photos in the house, so I have borrowed the one above from the website.  Is your Christmas lunch table going to look like this one??  I did take a photo of the views from the castle......that was allowed.
Beautiful day and wonderful countryside

As well as playing with Christmas sewing I have been adding names to these pillowcases.... they will be added to the things being taken to South Africa in January..

Look forward to seeing their little heads on these.
and last but never least just look at this...

Four flower heads on this one stem, more of this to come.

til next time x 


  1. I just love those Christmas cushions Jo !! A great view from the castle . Had a walk along the sea front (brrrrr) today.

  2. Love the pillow cases for your grandbabies! I'm getting ready to make a snowman sort of like your santa!! Haven't decided if I'm giving it to my mom or keeping it!;)

  3. Oh I love their pillow cases!!

  4. .Rockingham Castle looks full of Christmas cheer and as for the cushions wonderful.
    Pillow cases that's a great idea. .I am in production making more Santa's but on a smaller scale.

  5. Hi Jo, just love those cushions!! glad to see you have been busy while I've been away!!! lolx