Monday, 11 November 2013

What's new....

After Mr. N left last Sunday I felt quite sad and missed him very much.  Its always sad to say goodbye, especially as we have two of our children and their families living in "far off" countries. It never gets any easier!!.  So what's the answer?......get busy!.
Luckily my friend had 'set a mission' - which of course I didn't have to accept, but as I needed something to distract me this was the outcome.

Now until a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of Minions and did wonder what they were all about, but now I am suitable informed that they are cute little creatures that I would love to have around.   I am now going to be making a few more of these to add to our grandchildren's Christmas Stockings.

I have also made a few more skirts for my South African grand daughter.

This could be the front of this skirt
or you could also have this
 and a couple of these

I enjoyed everything about these skirts.....shopping for fabric, finding the patterns, and making them....Hope little 'Miss I' enjoys wearing them.

The other thing I have been playing with are those cute little hexagons.  I thought I would embroider a little flower on one of them, and all was going so well........until the iron got too hot.  Boo Hoo!

Oh Poo!
Back to the drawing board with that then.....

I am going to show you my new beautiful sink..... yes, sink.  We had a stainless steel sink, that I always thought looked a mess, and the tap dripped, so after much thought and internet searching we invested in a wonderful white ceramic sink and posh new tap.  

Owww!  I love it
Bet you didn't think I would be showing off  a sink did you???  Nor getting so excited about it..

Got to go now, more Minion Hats to crochet and back to the hexie disaster.  


  1. Oh...I'm all about a new sink! Awesome!!

    So are you sure you can't get the stuff off the hexie? Teastain it and use it on something else!:)

    Skirts are great...I want one...but a little longer!:)

  2. Love your skirts sorry I have no little ones. Sink looks good You will not mind standing at it.. Bet you can not stop looking at it.Think I would have cried after your iron accident.

  3. Little Miss I will LOVE them! Well done Mum and Thank you XXXX We can't wait to see you.