Sunday, 1 December 2013

Samplers and Sampling

Most evenings this week I have spent with needle in hand trying to keep my eyes accustomed to the 'even weave' sampler that I bought in Vancouver last year.  I love samplers, simply because each row is different from the row previous, but at the final part of this sampler is a large block of Hardanger.  I know (from past experience) Hardanger  needs lots of concentration and counting.  I completed the Kloister blocks and started on the detail with 4 sided stitch only to find that my Kloisters were ONE stitch out so it threw everything out......Grrrrr!!  Now I could have played around and managed, but I would always have known that it was wrong, so unpicking began.......

Just decided to cut it all out.  Rubbish photo
Unpicking the Kloister blocks was not so bad, but if you can see there are some blocks that have been worked with 4 sided stitch and that took a few hours to get that out.........but, out it came.  

Second attempt...

Nearly finished

added the beads 

It was worth unpicking it

and finally finished
Just needs framing now.

Other than my sampler I have added yet another Minion Hat to the ever growing pack.......this one is for a new born, so I want a photo of the baby (once it arrives) wearing it and I will post the the picture, if the new Mum and Dad allow.  I also followed the instructions and made this cute little 'bits box'.   I think you could make a few of these in different sizes for different rooms in the house.

Bit of 'time out' on Saturday and new recipe's to try.  First I saw Mary Berry's 'Special Mincemeat', and as I had all the ingredients in the cupboard thought I would have a go.  Would you believe this is the very first time I have made mincemeat and could not believe how easy it was.  This was the result of slaving over the hot stove for a good 5 minutes.  
Actually this jar filled and is going to sit for a few months (give the Brandy chance to do its stuff), but the remainder (about another half a jar) just has to be put into some pies......so 

Six seem to have gone missing already.....
and I have also tried out Mary's 'Mincemeat and Apple Caramel'.  It looks a bit burnt, but that's poor lighting....honest!!  Will be great with cream or custard.

Sponge on the bottom, mince then topped with apple
Next flower stem on my Amaryllis is out ..... beautiful.

Photos just don't do it justice.
I think the next time I get a photo of my Amaryllis the first flowers will probably be past their best, so they may be gone......but there will be the THIRD, yes, third stem bursting forth.   



  1. That sampler is simply stunning Jo. Well done! Baby and co will be delighted to do a modelling shoot! Not long now! X

  2. Sampler magnificent ,bits box lovely and as for the plant well, Cooking looks great you have been busy.. what next Jo.