Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mixed bag and only Wednesday....

What sort of week have you had?  For me there have been plenty of ups and downs and its only Wednesday..
It started on Sunday with a quick make..... I seem to have lost my glasses cases so within a couple of hours I had two new cases ready to go........

Smart fabric don't you think?

One Smart, one for fun

Mixed bag on Monday when the plumber that was supposed to start renovations on our downstairs cloakroom had to postpone his start until Tuesday....boo hoo!  BUT, the weather was pleasant so out came the bikes.  I had a great ride around Pitsford lakes ...Mr D battled, and finished feeling a bit worn out --poor thing, but I had a great time.  Once home, and as the plumber hadn't arrived I took the opportunity to remove paint etc. and smooth out the walls in the cloakroom.  I worked all afternoon, and was really pleased with the results.  Down then Ups..
Tuesday dawned and  Lee the plumber arrived ready to start. Now I won't say I am fussy, but I do know what I want and need to know if I am asking the impossible, so after a 10 minute chat (that lasted 30 mins) I had to rush off to see my crochet ladies for the last time before Christmas.  I should have stopped on the way for mince pies as it was our last meet, but I was running late so no time for goodies from me (luckily Glennys brought a box of Quality Street for us to share...Hooray for Glennys!).  Would you believe in the rush to get out of the house after my chat with Lee I even forgot to take my glasses....... I have never before forgotten glasses....idiot!  Tuesday evenings I go out so we always have 'Spag bol' (pasta need for my exercises) and I was busy grating Parmasan cheese with a micro plane grater when my hand slipped and I grated my thumb!!!.  When I feel pain and know I am likely to spot blood I grab the area and try to cover it as quickly as possible with a plaster.....whew! managed that, but after only a couple of minuets I could spy blood seeping, so, if I wanted to go to my water aerobics I needed to waterproof it further--out came the "gaffa tape".  That worked really well (only a little blood leak), but when I got home I knew I had to get the whole thing off and redress before bed.  This redressing did not go smoothly.....firstly the stupid plasters would not come out of the sterile pack easily, Mr D was trying to help but that was not going well, and I  ended up laying on the floor with my legs above my head to stop me passing out.  I did eventually get a plaster on the wound, colour eventually came back to my cheeks  and I was able to stand up without wobbling.  I needed my bed!!!
Wednesday was a cooking day, and cook I did, with difficulty.  You just don't know how much you use your thumbs until the day comes when you can't use them.  I also had to redress my stupid thumb so that was playing on my mind a bit, I prepared the plasters ( now not so sterile) got the cotton wool ready to clean around the wound with sterile liquid and prepared my mind..... I did it and felt very proud of myself and think it will last until at least tomorrow.

At least it stopped bleeding

I can't sew, can't crochet, can't knit, so what can I do.......sit quietly, well I can try.   After a spot of lunch the postman called and delivered a parcel that had been damaged before arriving in this country, but who was it from......there was no note or letter with it, but I do have clues.

Clue 1:   Sent from America
Clue 2: return address Webfabric'
Clue 3: My cyber friend Dee works at Web fabrics'

Want to see the goodies the good fairy brought me.......

Just look at this lot..
So this unexpected parcel arrived just when I needed a  pick me up after a very up and down few days.


  1. AAaaaaaaagggggh! Remind me not to use a microplaner!!!! Oh goodness lady that thumb is a mess!!! You best take care of it...goober!;)xo

    Hahaha...dummy me not putting in a note but at least I see everything made it so when thumb is better lets see some DMC sewings!;)

  2. oh! Jo! No! that thumb looks really bad. worse than needle through finger me thinks..... hope its feeling better so you can get your hands on that lovely parcel you received. x

  3. What a horrid injury!

    That goodie bag looks very interesting , it's great to see what you can do with lots of different bits. I am sure you will do Dee proud.