Sunday, 19 January 2014

For Christmas (along with all my other goodies) I got a 'Rotating Cutting Mat'.......have you got one?  I couldn't wait to use mine, but what to make?....that was the question....  I then came across this  and this. I loved the little quilt, but if I made  a table centre I could give it to a friend as a small gift when I visit her in South Africa..
So I began.

How much easier this is!!
I decided on my fabrics and off I went,  the pinwheels were finished in no time at all and then I sorted out some of those 2.5" squares I have been collecting ready to make some Prairie Points ....another first for me.

Ready to go

Next step get them sewn...

Mmmmmm! I like
And another 'first' was to 'self bind' a quilt.  I wish I had spent some time with Mr Google (didn't even think about him helping) but I managed it, even the mitred corners....Yeah!

Looks O.K. doesn't it?

I am also in 'Placemat Mode'.  Yep making more with my scraps and on one lot I again used 'self binding' and on the other I just turned them and sewed around the edge..... oh goodness so many new things in one week....

Practice makes perfect....well almost

One lot done....

Second lot
They all look quite different 

Well, that was a few gifts to take overseas with me.  Now I have to take something to keep me quiet while I  sit on the plane for hours on end....so I have decided the easiest thing to take is hexagons,and  I have been busy cutting my papers.  I got the idea of cutting like this from Geta's blog it really is (as far as I am concerned) the very best way of getting hexagon papers,  and if you haven't had a play at these you really should try them.

These will be 1/2" hexagons
Till next time x x


  1. That's a great toy Jo . Those pretty pinwheels as so versatile. I shall be trying the hexi papers. I wonder if you can print others shapes - diamonds - too. Must investigate

  2. Love your table mats Jo, what a wonderful gift.I have never done hexagons.,so perhaps will have a go when time allows . But not 1/2" ..Like Geta s blog.

  3. What a fabulous cutting board! Did you shop online or in an actual shop? Would love to go to a shop with a big selection of boards and rulers.