Thursday, 23 January 2014

High's and Lows of one week

What do you do the week leading up to your hols....you get all the goodies together that you are taking over as gifts, that's what you do.  Then once that is all collected together you see if there is room left in the suitcase for some clothes.....

will there be room for clothes????

Next you finish up some knitting that will possibly be a Christmas pressie for someone next year...YES - you hear correctly NEXT year....  Definitely starting early.

Made this one with chunky yarn, 

I then had to sort out some handwork that will fit into my hand luggage (just in case we get held up anywhere)  and keep me amused on those quiet days we might have.  I showed you in the last post the way I cut my Hexagon papers, and now I have spent some time cutting all the bits of scrap fabric.... should keep me out of mischief especially as I have been told in no uncertain terms that we will NOT be jumping off table mountain this holiday.  Got to whisper....I have looked at paragliding off 'Signal Hill' (the big mountain almost next door to Table mountain)  Shhhh! don't tell my family.

90 little squares cut and ready to sew.

I played with some more pom poms, and strung them together as another gift/room deco. for the 'littlies'.

Then my happy pre packing week came to a big crash.......firstly my dear sewing machine has been playing up a bit lately, so I took it to my local dealer and when I started to explain what was happening I saw the sinking look on his face! He thinks he knows what  is wrong but isn't sure he can get a replacement part!   He had to get the same part for someone last year and the supplier told him it was the last one he had....Oh goodness what will I do!  Andy, (the wonderful mechanic) said he could try Switzerland as they might just have some, and if that fails I will try to see if anyone in S.A. has the part.  I am awaiting the call to tell me if I need to get my "begging" face on when I visit Bernina friends in S.A

How sad is that empty space???

As if that wasn't enough, this morning I switched on my trusty laptop and the 'log in profile' had been erased. Some stupid virus had got in and I couldn't open anything.  So off to Paul this time, with laptop in hand begging him to wave his magic wand to fix it.

Another empty space.......shame!

I hope I can keep in touch over the next few weeks, but if my blog is very quiet you will know why.....off to catch some sun.


  1. Oh no! I am sure. Angel Andy will come up trumps. Laptop too ---- let's hope that some other small item might play up, or I will start worrying about another LARGE piece of equipment that you will be using this weekend!!!
    Christmas again - lucky you

    Have a great trip. Xx

  2. Noooooooo....not the sewing machine!:P

  3. Hope you ha ve a great time! Just relax and all your electronic friends will feel better too on your return xx

  4. Having trouble with a machine and laptop you must feel as if the world is falling apart.
    But the good news is you are going away. We will miss you but have a great time and what ever you will be doing take care !!!!