Thursday, 13 March 2014

Warning........holiday post coming up

Yes,  I am warning you now this is going to be one of those blog posts that you might want to stop reading now as its going to be holiday, holiday, holiday, grand children, grand children, grand children.
We arrived in South Africa after a fairly uncomfortable journey.  Nothing to do with the airline (they were great) but I was not very well, and quite a lot of the time the seat belt sign was on, so no escaping to the loo’s......but once down on the ground, Doctor visited, and grandchildren to make us smile - soon all was well.

We collected the children from school most days, and I just have to show you the school play area’s.  

This area is for the 4 -6 year olds 
 but it doesn't stop the 'nearly' 7 year old's playing

Nothing quite like a rope swing
and if you feel like hanging around..

hanging in the monkey bars...
This is the play area for the 7-8 year olds.......Can you spot the child hanging from the tree branch? 

No safety nets here....and definitely the Health and Safety non existent 
This school believes in children learning from play, and they are given the freedom to use their skills.

A lot was planned for our first week, the Science Centre is just up the road and a wonderful place for the children to play and learn.
Murray and Roberts, one of the big building contractors in South Africa, donated this building site for the children to play in, and the kids never forget to put on their hi-vis vests before beginning their "building".

bricks on the conveyor belt
now taking them up to the first level... its going to be a high-rise building!
Computers  for the kids to play on
Mirror play
Fun in the garden in the secret ‘hidey hole’ complete with play camping stove.

Make the most of it Little Miss I, the trees are going to be removed soon.
Mum could not resist buying these 'retro' Pink Flamingoes

A date with the ‘wheel’ at the Waterfront in Cape Town, something we did last year but  the children enjoyed it so much it was ‘on the list’ for this years visit.

Not quite as big as the London Eye, but each pod is very personal
So cosy 
Table Mountain.
There always has to be the odd tourist that gets in the photo....Derrrr!!!

Traditional Wellie Boot dancing in the Waterfront 
Of course the swimming pool at Sea Point was a must especially as the temperature was 31 deg in the shade. 
Lions Head (Mountain) in the background
Water women
Few swimming strokes
Hats made especially for swimming in and always worn
Fun with Mum
Water babes
We also had some special times one to one with the children, cuddles with ‘Gaga’ (Mr D)  while working on the 'Sticker book'  and sewing time for Little Miss I 

Just love those books
So much fun
Good job the machine came with a 'quick unpick'

We also were treated to 'high tea' at the Mount Nelson Hotel
http://www.mountnelson.co.za/web/ocap/afternoon_tea.jsp  for my  birthday treat.  We have been before, so its nice for us to look back at the photos of  the children.  

Happy family
I can't quite manage the little finger thing!!!
This photo was taken in 2010
Such a cutie
Oh my....look how you have grown.
We did take some time out for ourselves, and decided to hire bikes and cycle along the seafront of Sea Point.  The bikes were a little different from ours at home, they had no gears and no brakes........we didn't need the gears as we were on the flat, and to brake you had to peddle backwards...this took a bit of getting use to!

Can you see the shape of the tree just to the left of Mr D  just shows how strong the wind can be.

Heading towards Granger Bay.
Yes, I miss those cycle rides, well who wouldn't when you have blue skies and sunshine.

Next stop Durban. x x


  1. Love that pink sewing machine. So glad you had a wonderful visit...after that not so great flight!:)

    My first bike was like that...it's a one speed!:)

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all! be nice to see you .

  3. Your back ! we have missed you. Photo's are great and I sure you had a good time and lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing you

  4. Yay! Welcome home Jo! Looks like you have had a fab time, and that cutie pink sewing machine, every little girls dream. And just the correct way to hold a china tea cup little man, well done. X

  5. Glorious weather as well. Looks like heaven

  6. Oh Jo Your time spent with Issy and Ben so special and happening so well .