Saturday, 22 March 2014

Last week of the hols

 Yep! this is our last week of the 6 week holiday in South Africa.

We decided to hire a car and take a trip around the peninsular.  Our first stop was Hout Bay where we used to live.  Its always nice to go back to see what is happening in the'village' and one place that is much
more commercialised now is the Harbour.  I have to say I was a little disappointed to find that none of the crafters seem to come from South Africa and many of them couldn't even speak English (or any of the other 11 official languages of South Africa).

The craft stalls are all much the same.
but just look at these....

These bicycles are about 4"high and perfect in every way.
When we lived in Hout Bay, one of my (almost) daily rides was up to Chapmans Peak from our house, it used to take about 20 minutes to get up there, and 5 minutes to get back home.

Part of the road to the top, but worth every push on the peddles
I have even seen whales in the harbour, and they were so close I could see all the barnacles on his/her skin.

Mr D at the top.  We lived just about where his  left ear is (left as you are looking at him)
We also used to cycle around the Cape Peninsular, and always thought how privileged we were to experience the sites and sounds of the Cape.

We often spotted Dolphins surfing with the kids along this stretch, and what a sight that is.
We travelled along the road to Kalk Bay...

In the distance is Cape Point.
where we stopped at a favourite lunch spot.

Sitting under a massive palm tree for shade
Muizenberg is now a favourite place for the kite surfers to do their tricks....... this would be on a 'to do' list, but I am told it is quite dangerous......I am not that foolish.

Looks like fun

Tuesday was Pancake day and the school had an evening of pancakes and dancing around a fire so we had to go along.

Can you see the brazier....No guards watching over it.

Pancake picnic.
One of the things the children wanted to show us was The Fairy Forest.

Certainly looks like  fairy land
I have never known the children so quiet, we all had to talk in whispers just in case we frightened the fairies away.  We were shown the Fairy Wedding Arch,
You may think its an exposed tree root....but Oh No its definitely a wedding arch
wonderful trees to climb,

This tree is too big for fairy's so the children can play here
a camp 

Just the right size
and tadpoles in the stream..

Who will catch the first one???
we felt very happy being allowed into the children's world........long may they enjoy the wonders of Fairy land.

Once back home the little ones decided to try to encourage fairies into their own garden, so set about making the fairies table, party ring and garden.......

Hope they get the visitors 
We had a wonderful holiday, but all good things have to come to an end. 


  1. Nice to see there was more to tell of your hols. Surprised that you didn't try kite surfing, but it is a bit quick! All children should have a den to share with the fairies and pixies. Good to have you home. Xxx

  2. Fantastic!:) We have an area of sassafras trees that we call Fairyland!:)

  3. Wonderful photo's and I am sure you had a great time. Start saving Jo so you can go beck(Fairyland looked a dream)