Thursday, 20 March 2014

Back to Cape Town

Once back in Cape Town I had a date with a man and a (big) kite.  Unfortunately my date depended on the weather -it couldn't be tooooo hot but we did need some heat, some wind but not too much, and definitely no rain (not that you get much rain at this time of year in Cape Town).  So, on Monday morning I made the call and he said come along as soon as you can......great!  We picked the kids up from school (they work tropical hours) and off we went..........

All strapped up and ready for the breeze

Not much wind in that sock
but after about a 5 minute wait - off we went...

Heading off

We travelled along the mountain 
 then I was allowed to take the controls....was he mad?????

He is now showing which direction to go.
It really was a great ride, and if ever you get the chance to 'have a go' it comes highly recommended.

Our next stop was our trip to Paternoster. There is always lots of excitement once the bags are packed, but these two have to be on their best behaviour....

Can you spy the sewing machine?  

 Paternoster is (or was) a sleepy fishing village where all the properties are painted white.  There has been some development, but these holiday cottages have been kept in keeping with the local area Yeah!

Our cottage has the 4x4 parked in front
Quota's of Crayfish have been greatly reduced this year, but we managed to get these for supper


Time spent on the beach was taken up with making sand mermaids...

What big eyes she has

What a tail.....

Complete with seaweed hair.
kite flying 

One in the air..

...one way out to sea ...

and these have nearly disappeared.

There is always lots of laughs when testing the water......its Oh So Cold!!!!!
Phew! that wave was cold

Lets get out of here...

but J and I  were sooooooo brave....yes we swam...

You won't believe just how cold the Atlantic is

The parts that hurt the most was our arms.......can't understand that
On our last day at Paternoster the mist came in, but we had booked lunch at the Gaaitjie Salt Water Restaurant.  Wow! what a wonderful lunch, we arrived at 12.30pm and left at 3.55pm.  Everyone, including the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We noticed the drop in temperature. 

The view from our table

Looks quite eerie 

A very enjoyable part of the holiday with plenty of time spent with the grandchildren

The holiday is almost at an end, just one more week.....


  1. Great photos Jo, feel like we were there with you. Beautiful Grandchildren. Looking forward to the next instalment x

  2. What a grand time...so glad you and Mr. D share it with us!:) Love that you are able to get photographs of yourself up on the kite!!!:)

  3. Wow Jo! another great episode. The mermaid was amazing!! who do they get that from then!? that was a beautiful view from the restaurant window.

  4. Oh Jo You just had the best time What a lovely holiday no wonder this part of the country calls you back.........as for flying around enough enough did Mr D do this ???